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mexico terk our flag waving rights

Oh, Jon. I love you for asking Pat Buchanan a question in Spanish. Although a little of my love died when you immediately translated it.

Also, a quick letter:

Dear Pat Buchanan,




I love how the immigration "debate" lets some folks just whip out their freak flag o' bigoted glory. Mmm, racism, it's the new patriotism. FOR YOU MUST WAVE YOUR AMERICAN FLAG ALWAYS! You are not of immigrant stock, you are an American, Rah, Rah, Rah!

And these new people (with their inability to "speak American" and the way they like, walk on their legs and don't look exactly like you), they're taking all the jobs you want. Don't you want to be a janitor? A poorly paid construction worker? Work in seedy off-the-book jobs that are allowed to exist thanks to the deregulation of businesses??

I'm looking forward to the next major census report and checking "Hispanic" as my ethnic group. Even though I'm only half Puerto-Rican. Because ZOMG TEH MEXICANS TERK UR Jerbs! is both horrifying and amusing - horrimusing.

Also, btw:

Mexico = All Hispanics just warms my heart. Really it does.

And now, because I'm being random, may I say that I've given it a shot and Reggaetón music pisses me off. I love Reggae. I love dance hall music. Salsa and merengue are in my fucking blood. Reggaetón sucks. Damn you 105.9.

The problem is that I keep on listening to it; just waiting for the part where they shout, "PUERTO RICO!" or sometimes, "BORIQUA!" Because I'm lame and I love the shoutouts.

Dear 97.9,

Please stop sucking and play good music. You used to play good stuff. I remember. I was there. Don't air a talk show during rush hour traffic. It's annoying, even when the DJ randomly speaks Spanglish (and only switches to Spanish to get away with something dirty).

Kindest Regards,


And I leave you with this lovely gem from the urbandictionary.com:

When explaining what "Boriqua" means, some lovely asshat posted the following:

Another term for illegal immigrant. You can identify these people by the sticker on their '83 Honda.

Which would be quite true if you know, Puerto Ricans weren't American citizens. And double of the actual population of the ISLAND of Puerto Rico RESIDES in NYC (and the elephant population has tripled in the past six months, I read it on Wikipeida or something! *g*).

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and the general humility of the human race. It is truly awe-inspiring.

Now I need to find a sticker to put on my '06 Toyota. Also, most Hispanics proud of their origins, they don't do the sticker thing. That's so 20th Century. It's all about the flags hanging from the rearview mirror, cabron! Be it beaded, metal, a mini-flag or what, you cruise down the streets blasting music (sung in Spanish, oh noes!) with a flag that isn't American hanging from your review mirror.

That's the 21st Century, bitches.
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