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Supernatural S2 Premiere Ramblings

You know how much I love Dean, don't you? How his man!pain and all his angst just makes me swoon in delight (seriously, I just love the broken ones and he was so awesomely broken)?

This was awesome, yea verily.

Also, when Dean was mediating the Sam and John fight (and he does it even when they can't hear! Which probably was the same way it used to be when Dean wasn't having the whole out of body experience.) I totally said, "You have use your anger, Dean! You have to do the Ghost thing."

And he DID. And delivered one of the best lines in the entire ep: I totally Swayze'd that mother

Dean doesn't like prudes. Heh heh heh. I chuckle and not-so-secretly enjoy how ideal my cracktastic crossover OTP truly is.

John remains a terrible father. Even when he does something to save his son. I loved Dean's realization that his father is sucktastic, even though he doesn't remember it. Man, I hate it when a character just loses his memory after he's had several important revelations. It's such a cop-out. It's not as bad as The Locket bullshit recall (and I will not rant about Farscape, I swear), but it is almost as annoying as Rose waking up after kicking ass in The Parting of the Ways and just not recalling what happened.

And I will also not rant about Doctor Who and my issue with the shoddy storytelling that occurred in S2 of DW.

No, instead I will say, Sam didn't annoy me at all in this ep and that is amazing for me, because he grates sometimes. In fact, I love his concern over the Metallicar. Because yes, that's Dean baby and the Metallicar will NOT DIE. ...right?

They won't kill the poor Metallicar will they? I can accept John dying and I thought it was sad, but I do not accept the death of Metallicar.

It was such a cheat to blank out whatever John whispered to Dean. And evil. It's going to lead to so much speculation, some of which is bound to annoy me. Also, whatever's going on with Sam (and the others like him) sounds eleventy kind of bad. Of course John knows. And didn't tell his sons. Because he's an ass. Withholding information from the people who are carrying on your fights = so much badness. But I guess this ties up John's WTF speech in "Home" where he rambled on about needing to find out the truth.

Jensen Ackles running around in a white T-Shirt and scrubs pants? Oh, that was very nice.

The new credits are amusing and will lead to many "of course the credits are on fire, those boys are FLAMING!" jokes.

Oddly enough I hoped Dean would chose to be a spirit. It would be a lovely tie in to "Faith" - where Dean threatened to haunt Sam's ass. It would make a great fic: ghost!Dean continues to protect Sam until finally the fight's ended and Sam having to let go of the ghost and releasing Dean's spirit from the world. Er. I will not write that fic. Totally. Will. Not.

[oh the angst potential!]

Finally, I love that the speculation on Dean being the caretaker of the family was acknowledged by John. And Dean, because he has been emotionally fucked up by John, has to ask if it's really him! Oh! You see my heart? Isn't working. For it has been broken!

I love Supernatural. It makes me happy. It was weird watching the show with commercial breaks.
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