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tv is good

I guess I'll be sticking around for Heroes even though I so don't care about Nikki's storyline of whatever. I <3 Hiro. Doomsday, ZOMG!

Whee! Greg Grunberg really needs to kick Clea Duvall's ass. Don't trust her, dude, she's the daughter of the Devil!

And I shall watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip for Nate Corddry (so adorable!) and Matthew Perry (he surprises me with awesomeness!). Sorkin's speechifying is annoying as all fuck though, and really, there are two shows on TV already being hilarious and being clever about a message - they're called the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

And BTW, Sorkin, I am typing this in nothing but my Dr. Acula T-Shirt and my panties. Also, I have no cats. Dammit

So it looks like my TV schedule is:

The Amazing Race - 8:00AM

Heroes - 9PM
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - 10PM

House - 8PM (when not World Series, obviously)
Veronica Mars - 9PM (tentative)

I have no idea yet

Supernatural & Grey's Anatomy - 9:00PM (Ah, my cracktastic shows are paired against one another, what shall I pick to tape and watch live? Bros before 'hos? Fluffy crack before angsty crack? Ghosts before horny surgeons? McSteamy vs. The Hotness AKA Jensen Ackles?)


Nothing - (Make Sure Family Watches Doctor Who and consider sending cookies to Battlestar Galactica watchers on my flist for that show made me depressed and I only managed to get partly through S1. Cookies make everyone feel better. Evil robots do not.)


Nothing as always - hookers & blow time, with time set aside for Hilarious Hijinks

Man, I'm watching a lot less TV than I used to.

Spoiler Alert! Bears are the 1 on the Threatdown! WOOT!!!
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