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SPN: "Everybody Loves a Clown"

Well, it's a good thing I'm not creeped out as fuck by clowns.

Wait a minute - I totally am creeped out by clowns. *shudder* Okay, I fucking loved Sam and Dean's convo on whose fear was wussier. Planes vs. clowns. Of course, clowns on a plane (with snakes?) is so scary, that even Samuel L. Jackson won't touch that shit.

I really want to rewatch that ep. Um, like the first Dean working on the Metallicar scene. I'd watch the shit out of that scene. But I gasped/screamed/cried at Dean's Man!Pain!Rage whack-a-mole with the Metallicar. Noooooooo!!!

Jared has improved so much as an actor. I'm very impressed. He still needs a fucking haircut.

Asher went to M.I.T.! "It's a school in Boston." Heeee.

Jo's okay, I guess. I did like Alona Tal's work in VM, so we'll see. But it doesn't sound like she's actively hunting, so that's a bit disappointing. She's just like a barmaid? Eh. You know, if Supernatural was a sucky show, they'd be pushing that romance way too fast, so it's nice that Dean's not horndogging it since ya know, his Dad died a week ago. Also, if this was a crappy show it would turn out that Jo was like John's secret lovechild and I would then shoot myself in the face with rocksalt.

Sam's "I'm going...over there." = Awesome. He would be like the worst wingman ever. Also his expression at the fake skeleton falling down from the ceiling in the neon funhouse! Heeee. So delightfully dorky.

I think someone may have read Samuel Winchester's Drunken Letters to Stephen King. I think it's awesome.

Dean getting Sam to sit in the scary ass clown chair, such a sibling thing to do. His smirk about it? Hot.

BTW, my sister Cuppy is made of win. When Sam gave his speech on how he's not dealing with John's death at the end of the ep, she said, "He can't hold his man!pain in like Dean."

Carnivals now make me think of the HBO show Carnivale, so of course it had to be a carny who was the evil clown killer. They're either evil clowns or diry Christ figures or the daughters of Satan. You know, the usual type of people who work in travelling carnivals.

I was only disappointed in one thing: There are knives being thrown about and Jensen Ackles did not get to show off his mad knife-throwing skills. I am most displeased.

But the rest of the ep was kickass, so there's your sliver lining. Now let me rest my head upon your shoulder and maybe we'll even slow dance. (*loffs Dean so hardcore*)

Also, I hope Dean feels really fucking guilty about what he did to the precious Metallicar and fixes her. I will accept no more soccer mom/Scooby Doo mystery vans, despite the hilarity of Dean's expression while having to drive that P.O.S.
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