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SPN Bloodlust: Dean Learns An Important Lesson

Dean's very Special Lesson today was that he might be prejudiced. I'm glad he learned this lesson. It was not at all done in a way that made me wince. I kept on waiting for "The More You Know" music to play.


"I'm Dean Winchester. You had a hard life, your mom was killed in a fire thanks to an asshole of a Ceiling Demon, your dad decided to become a hunter and royally jacked you up with the worst childhood ever, making you devoted to fighting the things that go bump in the night, and your brother, the only other person you care about, has a Deep Dark Secret that you totally aren't going to discuss that, okay? And you go out and start whaling on demons. Fun right?

"Uh, guess not.

"Don't be prejudiced against supernatural beings who usually will try to kill your ass."

the more you know

Now onto to something important. The Metallicar was looking fucking hot. Man, that was total car porn. Delicious, complete, and utter car porn. Dean's joy at it was a thing of beauty. But I know he's just trying to make up for his DEAN SMASH man!pain rage of last week. Dean honey, you had the Metallicar at "Back in Black."

Gordon was delightfully crazy. I love how Ellen was all, "he's awesome!" and then Sam says they'll be hunting together and she goes, "er, not that awesome! Run, run fast!"

Hunters seem to really jacked up yo. I bet Dean and Sam are the most well adjusted hunters out there. Despite their fucked up childhood (which now, thanks to win_non_con, reminds me of the "RAISED LIKE WARRIORS" line clunker), they actually seem to recognize that it's the people (you know, the ones that don't die thanks to the demons/ghosts/whatnots) who matter, not the killing of bad things.

Killing bad things is the gravy. Saving other families from experiencing the horrors that Dean and Sam have had to deal with, that's what really matters.

Which Dean already fucking knows. Because he's said it repeatedly in S1. He's actually been the more who's been CLEARER on the whole hunting gig, unlike his revenge-obsessed father and brother.

I mean, I get why Dean's all GRR SMASH BAD THINGS I AM SO ANGRY AND I HATE MY MAN!PAIN. But Dean already knows about the world being grey. Hello Max of Nightmare.

It's nice to have it whacked into my head though. Let's hope Dean remembers that.

His fight with Gordon was great. Dean crashed into something! Surprise that the CRAZY guy would pick up his scary knife! Knocking Gordon's head in the wall! Good times.

Although considering how many times Dean's been tied up, I question his tying skills. It looked like Gordon just had to wiggle slightly and he'd get free. Not on, Dean.

Also, the SPN vampires continue to be lame. Even with Amber Benson being cool. Rock on, AB. But...gah, you know what? It's me. Me dealing with my own vampire issues. Yes, I have vampires issues. Thanks to BtVS fucking up their rules on vampires. So when Lenore and the Gang were claiming how totally innocent they were, I started having "but we have sooooouuuuls now" whining in the back of my head. And that's not fun at all.

JP is still fucking awesome. I am so happy that he's so awesome this season. Calling Dean on his new buddy relationship with Gordon was great (and I fully support Dean's punch, by the way, yes it's a jackass move, but Dean warned Sam last ep about this. Also, it lead to the awesome, "just sock me once" which, heh). And Sam teasing Dean for flirting with the Impala!

Jensen Ackles rules the universe though. After Sam's "He's the only one who can call me that," JA does one of his little looks, pride mixed with a bit of pleased surprise, and just real brotherly affection. Wonderful.

So all in all, I enjoyed it so much. I mean, costumes! One right after the other! The boys in suits and then in lab coats and you know what? Was I bitching about Dean's Lesson being way too bloody obvious? I can't remember.

Damn those boys for being so pretty.
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