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Did I mention the singing ring yet?

See the new Smurftastic icon? Ain't nothing better than The Princess Bride, beeeeyotch.

Besides, I think the idea of vengeance is festive for all fandoms!

Okay, so I haven't been posting. Bad Reg, bad! And extra bad points for talking to yourself!

So, the things that have happened:

On the Borders Booksigning:
Went to the Neil Gaiman book signing in the city. Took my sister and her friend. Neil? Is very cool. Read questions off of little blue cards and answered one about PotC.

Someone asked, "But why's the rum gone?"

And after laughing for a bit, he commented on Johnny Depp's performance as a pirate and how the producers must have felt about Johnny basing his acting on Keith Richards when very stoned. Hee.

And I'd have pictures to show off if my sis's friend's camera had frelling worked, but it didn't...alas.

I didn't go all fangirl on him when he signed my book (American Gods of course). My copy of Wolves in the Wall was signed with my lil' sis's name, which is a rather regular name, only spelled a bit differently.

So when he was signing the Cuppy's (my nickname for her...aka Cuppycake, Johnny, Bumblebee, or whatever odd name I decide to call her for the moment)name, I said, "I'm the only one in the family with a normal spelling."

Which is true because the sis I went with has the most bizarre spelling ever for a very traditional name. So after he signed my book, calling me "Normal _____" which is the first time I've ever been called normal, he went to sign my sister's book and understood why I said that.

On Having Bad Taste:
I also purchased The Tenth Kingdom at Borders. Awww yeah....T10K. An overblown, slow-moving NBC miniseries with a prince who was turned into a dog, a "half" wolf, and a confused waitress and her dad who have to save the nine kingdoms from trolls and an evil Queen. Did I mention there's a singing ring?

And that it sings romantic little rhymes about love and shit and it has a really high, annoying voice?

I know, you're jellus. You just wish you could own the nearly ten hour series on DVD, so you can watch Scott Cohen's insane-ass acting stint as "Wolf," who falls for the waitress Virginia and doesn't know if he wants to love her or eat her! Oh ho ho, isn't that just so romantic?

I don't know why I love that show so much, but I do. It's cheesy goodness, people. G-O-O-D-N-E-S-S.

On School Related Matters:
School is starting back up soon. I'm not really that thrilled.

Nar is going back to school soon. I'm bummed.

On Cooking:
I've learned to make the most awesome bannana pudding ever. I can now cook all types of meals. So if anyone (coughjennemcoughnariyacough) wants a roomie in a year or so? Call me.

On the Blackout:
We were without power for 21 hours. My family nearly killed each other while playing Monopoly. I talked to Jennem on the phone and nearly killed my sisters who kept on bugging me because they love to do that. And then the power went back on and I embraced my TV, laptop, A/C and it was all better.

On Writing:
I'm writing a sequel to one of my stories and I think it has a lot of potential to suck. I've decided to have the parts go backwards and write it in future, present, and past tense. Because I want to have a nervous breakdown.

On torchthisnow
Molly is awesome. She will kick ass at college. She is the awesomenest. Molly should have a word of awesometude that is superawesomer than awesome that everyone will think of this awesomious term and go, "Yes, that is Molly."

On the Future:
I finally saw Chicago. I will have to post more on it later. I'll probably be going into the city next week. I need to talk to nariya cuz she is teh cool one and I'll miss her when she goes back to college.

And I must post more often.
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