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Hallos and a link to Jensen Ackles dancing!

Welcome new folks who have been recently friended by me. Dear god, that sentence was made of wonk.

I really want to whine about the weird rash on my leg and how I really need to stop scratching it, but I won't discuss the details.

Instead I'll type type type so my hands are busy elsewhere.

Oh, and would you like to see Jensen Ackles dance?

You watch it, you can't unwatch it. Young(er) Jensen Ackles, Patrick Dempsey, and Poppy Montgomery in the minseries Blonde.

Or as I will always know it: Gay Dean Winchester, Slutty McDreamy (so, normal McDreamy then) and an uninspired Marilyn Monroe.

Did I mention Jensen Ackles spends this scene dancing around in a kimono? That image is burned into my head for the rest of time. One day, I'll be at a very important family event or business meeting and I'll start giggling and I'll be unable to stop.

Now someone's going to give me a link to Dean Winchester in a kimono fic dancing around a motel room, yes?

Don't make me write it, people.

And OMG, Jensen Ackles is so dorky doing that dance.
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