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I blame this on all the alcohol I haven't had

It's autumn and my hands are freezing once again. It's raining. You know, I keep on forgetting that while I hate the summer, I'm so screwed when it comes to fall/winter, because my hands just freeze and it's impossible to get them to a "warmish" level of normal body temperature.

I have Jack Frost hands, y'all.

Stupid poor circulation.

Things I am not doing: totally not working on a fic wherein Dean Winchester wears a cursed kimono. I'll tell you how much I'm not writing that, I totally don't have something of a good plot brewing, okay?

And I totally don't have a perfectly good reason to put Dean Winchester in a kimono. Or have him dance around. Nope.

Not me.

Also, I have eaten chicken for like the past three days straight and I really need to go back to eating varied and interesting food, only that means intensive cooking and cooking exhausts me now, thanks to madness at work nonsense.

I know how to cook. But it takes such a long time, time I could spend being lazy and relaxing. Sucks.

Finally, I really need to consider bringing my laptop with me to work, so that I can spend an hour after work writing fic. Because that's when I want to write. But I can't, because I have to spend 45 minutes or an hour in sucktastic traffic. Not on. By the time I get home, I'm exhausted, hungry, and irritated and that doesn't lead to writing, that leads to being grumpy.

I hate being grumpy.
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