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Wherein Things Shouldn't Come Back...FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

I had a chance to take a class on Ancient Greek once. Actually, what happened is that I totally misunderstood the class and thought it was just on Greek classics, not realizing you had to be fluent in Ancient Greek. Yeah, I totally transferred out the first day I walked in and was handed a book in another language.

Now it turns out that I could have raised my own zombie army. Dammit.

Okay, Sam watching porn? With a broody face? Killed me dead. And that was awesomely awkward, Dean, thank you for pointing that out. And I loved him for constantly bringing it up. "Maybe that's where he keeps his porn." [Sam gives Dean TEH GLARE OF DOOM!!1111]

And then, "It takes two to have hardcore sex."


I love it when Dean's rocking at the hunting. For lo, he may be fucked up in the head, but that is how I love my characters. And he doth rocketh muchly at luring the zombie back to her grave, even though he totally let stupid, stupid Neil die via zombie!rage/abandomment issues.

Still, that was crafty, Dean. Why don't you come over here and make out with me? Oh wait, you're fictional. Nevermind.

Question, where is Mary's grave? In the Smallville Vancouver part of Kansas? Was a bit confused on that point.

The big shouty dramatic scene between Sam and Dean (uh, the one where they're both hot, no wait, that's not descriptive enough, the one where they're leaving the house of the father who lost his poor zombified daughter and was wrongly accused of zombifying said daughter), I still am entranced by Jensen Ackles's beautiful green eyes. And I've watched that scene like five times by now, as it was on The CW website under director's cut. Seriously. Those eyes are incredible.

It helps that the actor can use his eyes to convey a billion emotions in five seconds. Rock on.

And since I'm almost always lusting after Dean, I will make special mention that we totally saw Jared Padalecki's asscrack. Why don't those boys get holsters? Do they want to get shot in the ass? (Also, why can't I ever spell his last name? I keep on googling it to make sure I'm getting it right.)

Although I will need to see JP's ass up close a few more times to really check out the goods. Ahem. :-P

I'm waiting to dislike an ep of SPN. I'm loving it all. It is surprising to me. I even enjoyed last week's ep, even though I despise the SPN mythology on vampires. Yet, I LOVED their take on zombies. Mostly because it was grisly and very fucked up and because it seems like we'll get several different ways to kill zombies, depending on how they're made/brought back. Awesome.

If I could, this review woud just be: here's a zombie, there's a zombie, and another little zombie. Fuzzy zombie, funny zombie, zombie, zombie, Dean.

But I'm not going to do that.

I notice that Kim Manners (director) really loves getting Jensen Ackles to get all teary and man!wibbly!pained in his eps. I'm...not really complaining, although now I can throw this ep in the "chick flick" moment pile, which I am storing up because despite Dean's claim in the pilot, there are so many chick flick moments. And I love it.

Also, Dean is aware of the movie Beaches, which means he's seen it. Heh. Somebody better be writing a fic about that, dude. You know, I've seen Beaches a couple of times, and it doesn't do the trick for me. I just get annoyed at the cheesiness.

Other bits and bobs:

Sam, if you're going to do the fantastic gesture of symbolically burying your father with your mother, please dig down deeper. The poor dude mowing the lawn the next day is going to be so pissed when those dog tags kill the motor on his mower.

When your dead friend comes back FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE[/Doctor Who], fucking run. Run fast, as Aeryn once said, when in a tight situation. When she gets STABBED IN THE FUCKING HEART with the nasty scissors she was planning on stabbifying you with? Don't turn her over. Run. Call the cops later if you'll feel better.

But run. Seriously.

Dean knows that there was a trade for his life. Hell yes. This...makes this ep so much more awesome. And Dean's freakout when he stabs zombie girl into her coffin all hardcore. If I smoked, I'd light a cigarette just now. But I don't, because as TV explains, I am not evil.

I'm just...grey, man. But not zombie!grey.

This review was brough to you by the word zombie. It's on random. [/Shaun of the Dead]
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