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fic rambles: other myths that aren't true

Oh final-fucking-ly, I think I found a myth I can work with. Let's all cheer, because not only have I found a setting, a plot, and figured out how to configure Faith's calls to Dean and how he keeps on missing them (yay for structure!), but I think I can actually make it not suck. The not sucking is important.

I seem to have made up a playlist for my fic series. It is nowhere as awesome as the Faith/Dean fanmix that kataclysmic did or femmenerd created for her delicious Glimpses fic, but still, I think it's funny.

I play a David Bowie song when I write this, in honor of Faith's smartass comment to Dean that her last name is Bowie after he says his last name is Winchester. I still haven't had Faith say her last name is Lehane, I always intended to eventually have her reveal that, but I don't think that's happening now. Whatever. She's not into the sharing thing.

What's really important is that now I can really start kicking ass and getting this fic done.

Also, Torchwood is airing today. I am trying to distract myself a lot.
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