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torchwood, heroes, seriously should be sleeping

Okay, so Torchwood was of the yay.

The end.

What? I'm really sleepy.


Bad Wolf Rose possibly did a bad, bad thing. If Jack starts getting all Angel broody, we're doomed. Although Jack would be really pissed if he found out he couldn't shag anyone without going super evil. Hmm, Jack has worn leather pants in the past though.

I'm sorry, I totally forgot what I was going to say thanks to that image.

Also Sister Cuppy can't see any of Ep 2 basically. Maybe like ten minutes after a heavy edit. Alas.

Jack/Doctor!Hand being canon is hilarious. Takes hand!porn to a twisted new meaning.

Mpreg canon. *shakes head*

Love it. So much.

As for the ending of episode one: of course Indira had to die. She's getting way too good at picking interesting characters that die way too early. Poor crazy Susie.

As an American, I totally forgot that in the UK, a cop like Gwen wouldn't carry a gun. I was confused at her surprise at seeing a gun pointed to her and her freaked out reaction.

I want an Ianto. He is love. And he loves Jack. Love.

Owen's an ass.

Jack seems to pick his team based on how flexible they are when it comes to dancing. I loved Gwen's nonfreakout about making out with possessed Carys. And that EVERYONE was into it when they watched it on the screen. Hee.

That is all.

I am enjoying Heroes. But the Niki storyline bores me oh-so-much. But Hiro is awesome as always. And Nathan. Shirtless. Mmm. (That's not a spoiler by the way. That's just me saying that Nathan was shirtless and that's freakin' hot.)

I've had a thing for Adrian Pasdar since Profit.

Remember Profit? How the hell did they get away with that show? (Oh wait, they didn't, Fox canceled that show. Bastards.) A naked evil guy sleeping in a cardboard box became a defining moment in my path towards the twisty craziness of badass characters. Hell yeah.
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