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kick the dust from your perfect shoes

So because of a simply sucktastic day, I didn't get anything done today that I wanted to. And that includes work at the job. I had to leave early. That does not make me happy.

However a few things before I shuffle off to bed.

The answers to my poll.

First Question: Which of the following is false about my office?

I love that y'all didn't guess the first two. Yup, my office was once a post office and has an old elevator, with the accordian doors and everything. However the mayor has been given a tour of our building and the mafia do have a locked safe down in the basement. For reals. Before I worked there, my bosses leased out the first and second floors to *ahem* connected people. There's a safe in our basement that these connected people have occasionally checked on since they moved out of the building.

No one has any idea of what's in the safe. We all figure we're better off knowing. And because we're sarcastic jerks, we're all speculating what the mob's got there. Jimmy Hoffa's a contender. Maybe it's the real vault Geraldo Rivera's been looking for all these years.

The correct answer is that our building has never been used as set in a TV commercial. Our office was considered but nothing came of it.

Second Question: Which computer program did I claim I "totally" knew how to do, even though I'd never used it before?

I actually don't know how to/never used Quicken or PowerPoint. However, I claimed I knew how to use Excel, which I didn't. (Which is not great because I kept on getting asked to make documents in Excel.) I've just started getting used to using it and I do see where it can be useful. However I'm still an Excel beginner.

Third Question: Which is NOT a nickname for my sister Cuppy?

Y'all are so good for not ticking Cuppycake. Clearly, that's where her nickname became, Cuppy is the shorter version we all use in the family.

However, I am saddened to report that the most chosen nickname was Johnny, which breaks my heart. Because that's my nickname for Sister Cuppy. I'm the only one who's allowed to call her Johnny and she actually responds to it. In fact, I only call her by her real name when she's pissed me off or she's misbehaving. She's Johnny, y'all.

Even though she drives me crazy by spelling it "Jonny" when she gives me birthday/holiday cards. Adorable yes, but she's Johnny with an H.

Bumblebee was another nickname she had when she was younger, but she grew out of it.

Now all that's left is Cabbage and Dudemeister. Which is NOT the nickname.

Answer: Dudemeister. As per the Scrubs Season Five episode, J.D. gives his interns nicknames. However he hates Keith (the character is played by Hot!Ethan from Passions) and refuses to give him a nickname.

Keith responds, "But my last name is Dudemeister!"


So, the three nicknames used in that ep are Dudemeister (Elliot: "It means Master of Dudes in German!"), Cabbage (for J.D.'s favorite intern, who is actually the worst intern, and Wolfman (Though his last name is actullay Cabbage, J.D. calls him Wolfman, because he claims it's for his "keen sense of smell" when it reality, in J.D.'s voiceover, it's for his massive amounts of body hair).

So me and my sisters took the nicknames as an in-joke. I'm Dudemeister, Cuppy's Cabbage (because it sounds adorable to say "Cabbage!" in a delighted voice) and Sister K is Wolfman (not because she's hairy, she actually has the best sense of smell, heh.)

Nicknames are serious business.

Question Four: What are my feelings on ticky boxes?

Flove. People, it's always flove.


Onto making soundtracks for my own amusement.

So I'm setting up a background soundtrack for myself for Other Myths That Aren't True my Faith/Dean series. And I will freaking finish Part 3, even if it kills me.

Karaoke Soul - Tom McRae
Back In Black - AC/DC
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Call Me - Blondie
A Day Like Today - Tom McRae
Nightswimming - REM
Metallica - Fade To Black
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - David Bowie
Under Pressure - Queen
The Brilliant Dance - Dashboard Confessional
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
The Mating Game - Bitter:Sweet
Say It Ain't So - Weezer
Love in Vein - Skinny Puppy
Come Closer - The Beatles vs Nine Inch Nails
California - Rufus Wainwright
Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
Hide And Seek - Imogen Heap
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

I'm still arranging where the music's going and I may cut a couple. I do love having music that Dean would probably hate next to music he loves. I think I should have things a little more wild and reckless for the Faith side of things.
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