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SPN: "Simon Said" (AKA Supernatural! The Musical)

This show makes my heart ache with the love.

And the ending with the realization that the pattern isn't as tightly focused. Yay, they're all doomed!

As much as I want a Dean, I'd love to be able to stop by and visit an Ellen. Ellen is awesome and I love the actress's line deliveries. Very kickass and strong.

Sure, Andy may have found out his birth mom, the doctor who delivered him, and his crazy incestual brother are all dead, however his dad is around thanks to Sam stopping the good Doctor from shooting him. Maybe they can start hunting things, more that just turkeys, but like, evil things. Was dad a former Marine? I smell a successful, very gay, very awesome show, y'all.

Many things of which I put into no particular order:

- I nearly died when Jo put on REO Speedwagon. OMG TEH CHEEZ. I was like having a fit. My sisters were very concerned. And Dean's face of "WTF" was priceless. And the gentle ribbing of Jo's er, questionable musical tastes was very sweet.

- I think I really like Jo.

- Don't tell anyone about that above thing, I may get killed for it.

- Jensen Ackles rocks. And he SINGS. Singing!Dean. OMGWTFBBQ. I have thing for guys that sing. That croon like that. I need to see that part again because I was still laughing and DYING and it was awesome.

- Random: Please let Ben Browder star as the Ceiling Demon in just like one fucking ep. He has time on his hands. And for some reason have him and Jensen sing. And have sexy, creepy chemistry as they threaten one another. Ben Browder can do this. He mimicked the most terrifying villian ever (Scorpius) on Farscape. He can do fucking scary. Just let it happen. So that I can be filled with joyous joy.

Hey, they had the lead actor from First Wave (a Sci-Fi channel series) on to play the Ceiling Demon's "son." Surely they can cast The Browder and I can dissolve into a puddle of happy.

- Jared has improved his "I am have a vision" headache thing. But I still giggle. Sister K pwns the universe with her comment, "Yeah, Sam has powers. Visions, the sucky power."

- Sam is the Phoebe. Poor boy.

- Dean can get Ash to answer because he knows to call him by his Doctorly name - Doctor Badass. Heh. I love the look Dean throws to Sam, all, "C'mon, that was easy."

- Dean handling the huge bong aka The Moby Dick of Bongs. Heh. Gives a new spin on Sam's "Are you high?" question to Dean and Dean's brief look of "well, hmm, maybe?" Dean's such a stoner.

- Andy TERK UR METALLICAR! Oh noes! However Dean apologizing to her and calling her baby was a billion kinds of hot. She's still pissed at you hitting her though, Dean, baby or no.

- Andy: "These aren't the droids you are looking for." Dean: "Awesome." Me: "Dude, I fucking agree totally. But by you knowing that line and showing your love for Obi-Wan, you have just proved you are a geek."

- Dean knows the words to power ballads, has seen Pretty in Pink, knows about Beaches, loves Star Wars, and has seen Ghost. Heh. <3 Dean

- "I have an evil twin." Heeeee. Yes you do, however because of the way that was done, that made it utterly fantastic.

- Ansen was so freakin' creepy. And as I said while waiting it, "Holy incest, Batman!" And fandom thinks Sam/Dean is obvous, Anson was panting after his (good)twin brother. Yikes.

- Ellen! Yay. And she said to break out the whiskey at the end. Kickass.

- That car scene with that poor girl was really hard to watch. I'm trying to remember what book I read where they talked about mind control and how, yes, you could make someone do everything you wanted, you could even have them say that they loved you, but the words were empty and meaningless even if they thought they meant it. And how it hollowed out a person to be treated like that until they were empty puppets. Creepy.

- Sam really shouldn't have been as pissy at the end, he finally has one alive and adult member to his Super Awesome Club of Special Children Who May Have a Terrible Future But Still Need to Talk About the Tragedy That Caused All This Sadness.

- Oh and Sam's argument pissed me off. You can get angry at Andy for using his powers too much (the implication that he was using his powers to get laid is always gonna be kinda gross). But Andy only killed his evil twin (heh) when his twin was clearly about to kill everyone just because he could and also because of the CRAZY.

- By the way Sam, since you forgot, you don't have visions of the other kids like you and what they're doing. Your dreams of Jessica and the dreams that lead to you back to your home were Demon-Related. Hurm. How's about you think on that one, okay?

- Protective!Dean makes me profoundly happy. He's still fucked up because of what's happened to him, but it's a slow crawl back to sanity and Sam's the person Dean uses as a beacon towards that place. Family. Aw.

- Dean also thought O.J. was guilty. I really love these little off the point comments that Sam & Dean make to one another.

- Dean loving Andy's awful van was hysterical. Because he was serious in a "maybe I'm just fucking with you" way and that make it better. A gladiator chick riding a polar bear. Heh.

- Jensen Ackle's face when he had to tell Andy what they were really doing there was awesome. That right there? The reaction to having a bad case of word vomit.

- A woman setting herself on fire. Hardcore. And done so...calmly. "Sure I'll light myself on fire! Just a moment!"

REO Fucking Speedwagon. Ugh. It's stuck in my head. Damn you, Dean.
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