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heroes, come fly with me...around the statue of liberty

This show has totally replaced Grey's Anatomy as my stupid happy show that has flaws that normally would annoy me, only they don't because WHEEEEE.

Heroes! And Hiro! So much Hiro love even though the special effects were laaaaame. I love him being happy about his powers but also a bit peeved because he doesn't have super strength. Heh. That is the way of the fanboys. They all secretly want be to Phoenix. Wearing tight spandex or flattering leather.

Carrying swords. Oh BOYS.

I'm so pleased that they revealed Micah's super as well. I thought it would be later on down the road. And he's so casual about it. Apparently he can tell Niki/Ikin apart? Huh. And not cool, little dude. Look, your family is a littl fucked. But even though DL forgot he could PHASE when he tried to save that chick, I'd rather hang around the criminal than Niki. Niki's damn boring. Heh, I'm so over the whole Niki storyline.

I didn't care about Peter that much. But his brotherly backstabbing in the House of Evil Political Lies and Shame rocked so much. He and Nathan do feel LIKE brothers and that was great. A race around the Statue of Liberty. Rock. On.

Claire also had that kid videotape her getting hit by a car?

Y'all, Claire's a bit messed up in the head.

So, nice to see things being put in place, however all I shall remember from this ep is how to better manipulate my siblings should we ever get superpowers and they totally try to deny said powers for the sake of a political career
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