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The Colbert Report...Report on the Midterm Midtacular

So, awesome is a word I’d use to describe last night. In fact, I’d do a post where every other word was awesome, but then I’d think that even I would get tired of reading, let alone writing, such a post.

Man, ever since I got the tickets to The Colbert Report, I've been unnaturally giddy. Colbert! Whee!

The getting there was relatively easy, in fact, the C train showed up just as I passed the turnstile, and riding up to 50th Street was hassle-free. Huzzah. Plus, as the lovely alley_nyc had gotten tickets back in February and invited me to see The Colbert Report with her, I already vaguely knew my way there.

I really, really love it when I know where the fuck I'm going. And my sense of direction in NYC remains strong. *is way too proud of that*

I got there sometime after 7:30PM, thankfully raelala and starstillwonder were already in line, so we turned out to be the third group. I was ticket number 11, yo. It was a loooong wait, but it's okay, we discussed fandom-y things, I got to watch a bit of The Office on starstillwonder's iPod, even though my ears are apparently built weird and I couldn't keep the headphones in my ears. Now I need to see The Office because it looks really fantastic.

vorpal_pen joined us a bit later as she was coming from a class. I admire her mad knitting skillz, even though I have no patience at all when it comes to knitting. Or sewing. Really, the only domestic thing I enjoy is cooking.

Everyone was all a bit giddy and impatient as the hours wore on but Colbert staffers had offered coffee to those waiting in line, which was nice (just had to have someone stand in line for your party).

Around 10:00PM, we were let into the waiting room (heh, I shall call it the antechamber), where they offered us candy. Clearly, they wanted us on a sugar rush, which is probably why we were a bit insane with the cheering and whatnot. That's a lie. We were already pretty damn giddy.

The staffer who primes the audience seemed extra-nervous, no surprise considering this was The Colbert Report's first live show. She's very nice though, which is why I self-edited myself when entering the studio. You're supposed to say how many people are in your party when the seat you in the (amusingly teeny) audience, and I wanted to say, "I have four bitches in mah party." I didn't, but just barely. She was veering towards the panic side of nervous, y'all. I can't freak out someone like that.

'Sides, we got second-row seats, which were very cool and turned out to be really great because the cameras weren't blocking my view of Stephen Colbert.

I do love that they play rock music while we're waiting and everyone really was bubbling with excitement. The warm-up guy (Pete?), was fantastic and very funny. At one point the satellite feed went up while The Daily Show warm-up guy was speaking to their audience. We got distracted and Pete said, "Oh no, let's all watch together." Heh.

He also let someone touch the desk of Colbert and then made her do five jumping jacks. For the camera guys, you see.

I was sorta bouncy/tired throughout this, mostly because as I said to Rae, I'm usually just in a shirt hanging on my bed at that time of night.

Colbert did come out to answer some questions (to humanize him before he takes on his horrible persona, heh). We were all told to cheer for him, but really, you don't have to tell us. It's Colbert. Of course we shall cheer. He ran in and ran back and forth for a bit, high-fiving the front rows. I wasn't jealous, for I have already touched Teh Colbert back at the February taping.

He hugged a girl who asked him for a hug, which was sweet. He also answered another bears/O'Reilly question (why is he called Papa Bear? Because like bears, he can take Colbert with one swipe of his paws). Someone was wearing a pin based off of Tolkien's elves (Lotherin? Sigh, I'm turning in my geek card), but she had no idea what their three names were or what their name means (which Colbert answered and GAH, I love it when he speaks in Geek). He then said, "And I somehow found a woman who would breed with me," so yes, heeeee.

They explained to us several times how it the show would run, so we knew it would mostly be TDS/TCR, with a few extra Jon/Stephen (heh, not completely like that) check-ins.

There was a problem with the graphics for the beginning of TDS, so we didn't get to see any graphics (that whole maze thing), we just got to watch Jon. The first set of graphics we saw was in Samantha Bee's piece, but the audio/visual was a bit off, which was a bit annoying.

It was truly wonderful to see Colbert's smile when Jon said something really funny and his quiet laugh is great. He did spend a lot of time while off camera rehearsing, doing Arm Motions Rehearsing, which is incredibly endearing.

starstillwonder is right - he did have the pen in his mouth quite a bit. I'm almost tempted to use my icon with Dean Winchester smiling with the pen in his mouth, but I don't want to distract myself.

We all cheered like mad during the check-ins between Jon and Stephen and it was AWESOME when Jon cracked up because we were so noisy. I do think Stephen ad-libbed the "I can't hear you above the liberty" and Jon commenting about the audiences dueling like "The Price Is Right" was damn funny.

Yet the best thing ever happened once the show went to commercial and Colbert turned to us all and said, "Well done."

*very pleased*

We not only were clapping and cheering like mad, we were stomping. Such wonderful noise. I clapped till my hands hurt and normally I'm very quiet golf-style clapper.

There were a lot of staffers and interns milling around. Everyone really was nervous, but honestly, I thought they did a great job. At one point, prior to when Dan Rather came onto TDS to do his commentating, Stephen had left the stage. When he came back (it was during a commercial break), he announced to the audience that CNN called it, the Democrats took the house.

I turned to raelala and said, in a shocked and pleased voice, "I don't know how to live in a world where the Democrats win!"

We all declared to celebrate this by getting drunk, but that sadly never happened. I really need to figure out what goes in a Sex on the Beach, so that I can make that on days of joy.

Dan Rather was great, but my reaction was "bwuh?" at his "we don't know if the Democrats have the House." But...Stephen Colbert said it was called!

And as Stephen always does, he called it.


I instantly got Rather's Pink Floyd Shoutout ("How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?") and I giggled a lot. Ah, thank god I've been listening to classic rock nonstop for the past two weeks.

BTW, English people, it still cracks me up that pudding=dessert. I always think of pudding as Jell-O style pudding. Even though I now know it means many different types of dessert foods.

The graphics fuck-up of the TDS/TCR switchover became fabulous thanks to Stephen's laugh covered by his hand. Aww. We had all started cheering and then were "...*slower clapping*...is something supposed to happen?"

I loved that Stephen called Warren Beatty and Annette Bening just to confirm the time. It did go on a bit too long (but Annette's old ladyish "HELLO?" was hilarious).

Stephen's Pelosi impression was mean and scary-good. By the way, there was a technical fuckup when he went to speak to the "Republican" POV of non-voting delegate of D.C. At least, the audience couldn't hear her until she shook her fist and say she was there, "Mr COL-BERT." I do love how feisty she is and she is in the joke, by the way. Total It-Getter.

I love that Rep. Wexler said "no" immediately after Stephen Colbert asked if he was going to reach across the aisle. Heh. That's a Freudian slip.

"It is Bush country" is so awesomely dirty. Man, that killed me. They're fantastic setting it up. Jon asking about the south, Stephen saying Jon knew how it swung (to the right), and finishing with "bush country."

Oh, Jon & Stephen. Don't ever change.

After the two different celebration cakes were shown, raelala declared how much she wanted terrorist cake. And really, how awesome is that? Terrorist cake. Heeeee.

So seeing Stephen take a taste of the devilishly delicious terrorist cake at the end of the show was perfection. God, his rant was so, so amazingly fantastic. We (the audience) started cheering at "move over, 'cause a gay couple's moving into your bed" (heh, maybe because there were some fandom-minded people in the audience) and got louder at the "teaching evolution to illegal immigrants" and went wild at "and EVERYONE'S HIGH!"

Then Stephen LEFT and we were all ZOMG OH NOESSS!!!!!11111 (Only plus elevenity billion levels of higher shock.)

Then it cut to the tape and we watched that. And I DIED at "Yeah, they got us into this war..." and "the Democrats have had a free ride for too long." Absolutely gorgeous.

Then Stephen came back into the studio and it was all better.

So. Fucking. Awesome.

Everyone working at TCR did a wonderful job and I'm honestly elated by the whole thing. I still can't believe it. I got to see the Election Day show live.

And today, I still feel like I've woken up to an alternate world and best of all? Rumsfeld resigned.

That's it, I'm googling Sex on the Beach, I don't care what freakass hits I'll get. We're all drinking, bitches. It's a celebration
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