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SPN: The Usual Suspects, with a side of Breaking & Entering Advice

Wow. I really enjoyed this ep. Even though it was more Sam-centric, which was a nice surprise. I would have thought this ep was All About Dean and it wasn't and it turned out to be a good thing.

- That previously was so frikkin' awesome, although it is not as awesome as the show fanvids, which I guess should be called showvid previouslies. Those Winchester boys sure do lie a lot, don't they?

- Mmmm. Hot liars. and that is why women always keep on dating jerks. because of that reaction exactly. mmmmm.

- Man, this ep could also be called "Payback is a Bitch." And Laverne's choir could sing it (Scrubs Season Five reference). It's just the beginning / And it's a payback / it's a bitch! / payback is a bitch / mmm-hmmm! / payback is a bitch!

And now I shall dispense my advice in a hilarious letter to Mssrs. Winchester & Winchester, Spirit Hunters Extraordinaire, Esqs.

Dear Sirs,

As you may have now learned, mayhaps the purchase of gloves shall better prevent your fingerprints from being widely searchable on criminal databases.

To Master Dean Winchester, may I point out that they are made of latex, much like condoms, and you know how good they are at keeping young bastard Winchesters from being birthed in the lower 48 States (oh, and that time in Canada...oh, and that gig down in Mexico). I bet these gloves may even prove to keep your fingertips from making an impression, much less your sperm from creating beautiful Winchester bastards!

Sir Sam "Gigantor" Winchester, Esq., please lawyer yourself up a bit, that was a bad show for a Pre-Law. Be a little arrogant, my good sir! However, your hair looks so much better and I am pleased at your lying skillz. You have that it quality, my good man, although next time, don't knock down a wall with your one good arm, lest you damage that one as well.

I don't care how you feel like you're flying-oh-so-high, once you realize you've broken your other hand, Dean will finally make that masturbation joke that was sorely lacking in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Yet I must say that was rather hot what with the manly idea of just knocking the bricks the fuck out. Well done.

And before I conclude this letter, I must tell Hot Master Dean Winchester, that I too am an Aquarius, am frisky, and to spice things up a bit, I personally enjoy hot sex. Call me.

etc. & etc.

Yours in High Regards,

Mistress Regala Electra, comma, comma, Esq.
Madame Agent Provocateur

Okay, back to my SPN ramblings.

- Dean is so the Mulder. But Sam's not the Scully. He's like twenty Scullys stacked on top of one another.

- This really was a Teamwork, Yay! episode. The brilliant way the boys work together and separately: Dean and Sam figuring out that it's an anagram at the same time, although Dean mumbling it under his breath was just...intensely awesome. Very real and just so Dean. Yeah, so he's chained up to the desk, but he's on the case.

- The Team Winchester vibe of unspoken brotherly connection fucking rocked so hard. I don't even need to say anymore, but really, The Great Escape? McQueen? Jim Rockford? These. Boys. Rock.

- Dean delivered the best. confession. ever. And he did it all to buy Sam time to escape. Rock.

- Dean really enjoyed being slammed up against walls & cars way too much. And he loves handcuffs. Or rather, the act of being handcuffed. That is canon, bitches.

- Um, I totally do the "make noises in my mouth" thing when I am BORED. And I do it in the same order the Dean does, which kind of freaked me out. I do love how impatient Dean is and how he needs to do something. Even if it means going back to that poor girl to freak her out.

- Seriously Dean, you do suck at comforting girls when you're trying to get information out of them. 'Tis hilarious, especially your thesarus spiel about "unusual." Ah, so you meant strange and weird. That clears it up.

- JP has improved so much. Watching him slip out of his Empathy Role to his Annoyed Little Brother in that scene was great. Going from his sad!face of "I am so sorry for your loss" to "Dude, WTF" bitchface. Heh.

- The way everyone was pronouncing Giles was a bit weird. Very hard on the G. GUY-ules. I'm so used the BtVS way of saying Giles.

- Linda Blair was incredibly awesome and I will be so sad if we never see her again. She was tough and clever and a good cop, even though her partner Pete was pretty clearly out of his fucking head.

- Seriously, what the fuck? Apparently, the dispatch person and a couple of other people that Linda Blair spoke to had thought that him taking Dean was a bit shady and Pete was just going to kill Dean and let his partner watch the murder and it would be all okay? Man, I agree with what Dean said in The Benders, people don't make any goddamn sense.

- Good job with the ghost turning out to be a death omen and not an angry killing ghost. And gross, that means that Pete The Cop was brutally slaughtering Giles & Daughter. Giles's neck was sliced so deep, his spinal cord was showing. Eeeek.

- It was cute to do The Exorcist reference at the very end of the ep. A bit dorky, but Dean's brought up pea soup before (Devil's Trap) and it can be chalked up to another little "irritate Sam" moment. Cute. And it's at the very end, so if it annoys you, you can stop the ep before it's spoken.

- Heh, another The Shining reference. Redrum. Indeed, Dean. I love how proud he gets when he brings it up. Who wants to bet that he watched Jack Nicholson movies a whole hell of a lot as a kid?

- The boys kinda got the short stick at the end though. So now they're fugitives? Sure, it gives Dean a lot of Harrison Ford jokes to make (just to drive Sam a bit more crazy), but still that's not exactly great. They not only have the demons and monsters to watch out for, they've got even more pressure from the "normal people."

- Speaking of running from the law, what happened with NotDean? Did they exhume that corpse or where they still in the process of getting that done? Will Dean now be listed as Legally Alive (Or Legally Back...FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE?)

- That motel room that Sam was hiding out in? Yeah, that was the Ghost of Motel Rooms Past. And it all clashed horribly. Loved it.

- The beginning part of the ep was neat, even though we all knew it that the cop was speaking to Dean.

- I'm a little annoyed that Dean didn't go for the gun (sings: they both went for the gun) when Pete dropped it after Awesome Linda Blair shot his crazy leg.

- I missed the Metallicar a lot. Don't worry baby, Dean's coming to get ya.
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