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Important lesson today:

Everything that they told you is wrong. Smoking makes you look cooler. You should wear your sunglasses indoors.

My eyes continue to sucketh. I strained my right eye or somehow noticed something funky going on, my vision's a bit blurred (I'm terribly nearsighted as it is) and wah wah wah.

So basically I spent much of today at work wearing my sunglasses indoors and feeling like a dork. Meanwhile, everyone said I actually looked great and someone jokingly nicknamed you "Diva." People who say confidence is all about how you feel are fucking liars. It really is how you look.

I rock the hell out of sunglasses for some reason.

I went to the eye doctor to get it checked out, but considering part of the problem is that my vision in my right eye gets worse under bright lights and I'm a spazz, he had trouble getting a good look at the back of my eye. I may have something not so good (a tear in the back of my eye) or it might just be one of those weird things that happen to an eye and then go away.

Like the tumor I didn't have in my left eye last year. Yeah, for those just checking in, that was a long story.

On Thursday, I need to go to the other office of my doctor so that they can use their retinal camera to take pictures of the back of my eye.

Now I need to hope at work that the blinding lights don't make this any worse. I had to lower the brightness on my computer monitor from a 50 (out of a 100 I believe) to 4. Gah.

I can't work like that. But I need to work. Oh evil, evil world. Why couldn't I have had 20/20 eyesight?
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