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wherein I'm sorta doomed.

Okay, I need Showtime to show another marathon so that I can watch Dexter from the beginning. Because WOW, I knew I'd love Michael C. Hall (for lo, he rocked as David in Six Feet Under), but I sort of like this crazy show about a serial killer.

It's so weird to see Julie Benz playing nice but damaged characters. I keep on expecting her to vamp out and pwn all. Yes, even in that Supernatural ep where she played the dying woman.

I'm weird, okay?

Even weirder: I'm sort of rooting for her and Dexter to work it out. Even though they're doomed, what with him being a sociopath and all. Yet. They're interesting together. Almost sweet. WTF.

And I like everyone else on the show. Angel. LaGuerta. Doakes. Deb.

Oh, and Flashback!Harry, the foster father. Of course he raised his foster son to killify people. He was in The Warriors, people. You do not fuck that sort of evil.

Meanwhile, I am considering whether or not to continue on with Torchwood.


Blegh. Oh, and whatever.

I love stupid cheezy cannibal storylines. Hell, I'm probably one of the few geniune fans of the Supernatural ep The Benders.

But this ep? Sucked hardcore.

I don't know why it is that I can be completely unquestioning with Doctor Who to a certain extent, yet my hackles are constantly raised when I'm watching Torchwood. There's not only something off about their characterization of Captain Jack, it's that I'm getting pissed off by everyone.

I'm getting annoyed at the freakin' set designers, people.

Meanwhile, I can go, "Yes, Vancouver does look like Texas!" when watching SPN or "Yes, that lovely Cardiff street looks so much like a London street, please set two episodes in the same season on that street!" when watching DW (Idiot's Lantern & Fear Her).

However I just rolled my eyes at the dead rabbits by the spoooooky old stone house. Oh noes! We better split up to investigate, yeah?


Jack seriously needs to fire his entire team and hire some crazy ass mofos who can actually do the job assigned to them. And what the fucking fuck is with him NOT SHOOTING A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE CANNIBALS FATALLY? He shoots them all in the legs (and one hand)? What?

And then everyone else, who were moments away FROM BEING EATEN, suddenly are concerned with getting them to a hospital?

Yes, excellent. Good plan.

Did Gwen really expect an answer from the crazy dude who EATS PEOPLE AS A RITUAL for why he's doing that?

You know Gwen, I watched another female cop ask a similar question to a crazy old bastard who enjoyed hunting people (and...probably ate them too, considering the decor of his old house o' crazy). She kinda knew that there wasn't a good answer. You know what her response was?

She shook a little. Then she shot the bastard dead.

Seriously. WTF, Torchwood clan? Are you really shocked that people are weird and sometimes so freakin' gross that there is no logical answer?

I'd ask Jack to fire this lot, but he's too busy going offscreen to hotwire farming equipment to make dramatic entrances in the nick of time.
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