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in which there are heroes

I would have been really disappointed in Simone if she didn't have a photo, because dude, she does work in an art gallery. She'd have a record of the painting she sold.

Peter really needs to get a handle on his powers. C'mon man, you can borrow Sylar's powers! We were all so close to seeing a TK match. Dammit.

Yikes, that scene of Claire watching her rival and former "BFF" (ah...a girl that age wouldn't use that term, although it is again popular with the tween/early teen crowd) getting killified was damn disturbing.

The actress who plays Claire is also doing a pretty fantastic job. Her relief (while still in shock over what had happened) at seeing Peter not only survive but that he's got powers as well, that was lovely to see.

I missed Hiro like a lot. Looks like we'll see WTF happened to him. He so Back-To-The-Futured II'd himself, didn't he? Like Doc before him. Maybe Hiro will have to live in the Old West (of six months ago) and leave a Mysterious Letter for Ando to find.

Maybe he'll rebuild a DeLorean. That would be ace.

I think either way, Charlie is still so, so doomed.

Jessica turns out to be just as boring as Niki. Meh. I do kind of like DL, but seriosly, something's up with Micah and his devotion to running towards his mom, even though he knows she's utterly jacked up in the head.

Nathan continues to be a bastard. S2's Sweep Slogan: Save the Senator, Save the...Eh, Let the Senator Get Sylarizied.

Hee. I actually like Nathan. Because Adrian Pasdar = free pass FOREVER because of Profit.

Zach's probably gay. But he's still adorable. Hey, he could be a freaky kid with cancer-curing syphyllis (heh, is that the actual funny syphyllis then?) who thinks God talks to him. (/House.) At least on this show, he's not utterly weird. And he probably doesn't have any magical STDs.

Claire rocking the freak vote was so awesome to behold.
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