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thanksgiving cookery ramblings

It was quite a few minutes before I decided that resting on the kitchen floor to relieve the pain in my back was not a good idea.

But still, the New Dish of Thanksgiving (for that is my task: finding something different to go with the usual things we make) has been made and will only have to be reheated. Cauliflowers Gratin with Gruyere and Iberico cheese in an almond sauce. I cannot tell you how irritated I am that I couldn't find any manchego. Dammit. That's my favorite sort of cheese and it's delicious to boot. Hopefully the slightly different tang of the Iberico will be offset by the Gruyere.

Don't let me cook this late in the evening again. I say this, like I expect my flist to have a psychic link to my brain and y'all will be able to call me and say, "No, Reg! Don't do it! Think of how tired you'll be! Think of your poor back!"

Man, I am going to have to cook a real For Serious meal at least twice a week for the next couple of weeks to get back into shape/conditioning for Dia de Los Pasteles sometime in December. Where one family of five enters the kitchen...many breakdowns occurs...and anywhere from 100 to 150 pasteles are made by hand, the mostly old-fashioned way. We don't even use a food processor for the masa, we grate all the bananas by hand.

There was a point to this post.

Oh yes.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American ljers. :-)

Now I just need to rest my back and I'll be fantastic, honestly.

And to answer this icon's question, no, there are no pants. I am pants-free.
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