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sunday night shows

First off, Dexter:

Damn, but I am enjoying this show. Can I say that I was SO tense during the montage of Dexter, Ice Truck Killer (um, Rudy. Heh.), Deb, & Rita clearing out Dexter's Bio-Dad's house?

It was like "WHEE '70's rock music!" (and thanks to SPN, I do get giddy when they use that sort of music), "Um...holy shit, the two serial killers have razors waving about the bodies of the two female characters" "OMG, they're bagging up stuff in black garbage bags, heh!" "WTF is with all that rope?"

So, that was a brilliant and decidedly creepy scene.

I love Angel and his pimp hat. And I'm glad that Doakes didn't just randomly killify some dude, even though it was Not Cool to not tell Angel some version of the truth. Thank god Doakes saved Angel's rep, because Angel is pretty damn cool.

Ice Truck Killer is fucking creepy. But he does manage to mesh well with others, which makes Dexter extra entertaining considering he's all, "...uh, how do you want me to react?" to Deb's spazzing about Dexter checking the paternity of his Bio-Dad.

I wonder what the blood type is. The only rare ones I know are AB- and I think another one..with an RH something or other? 'Tis interesting though.

Next week looks extra gruesome. Oddly enough, I can't wait

Finally, Torchwood:

I'm rather surprised by how much I liked the ep considering how much I haven't liked the past few eps.

And now I have a new order of Characters I like:

Jack (Ianto and Jack are actually tied, but Jack is still punished for that stuuupid slow-mo gun attack in last week's ep)
Gwen & Owen (aww, look, they're together! How sweet!)

Congrats, Tosh. Although I identify as straight, come here and let me snog you. Would you like a cup of coffee?

The plot didn't fall apart as much as other eps, although I did have minor quibbles. Like, what if Alien!Mary's need to take hearts was because the body she stole had been shot in the heart (it wasn't...but still, that would have been nicely fucked up and a neat theme). And while the alien can maintain the body, it needed to take functioning hearts to restore the body - not just to "feed" WTF. And the alien being in a human host caused the hearts to get eaten up quicker or something, *handwaves tech stuff*

And then the reason why Mary was interested in Torchwood having her way back home was because they could fix it, she didn't have the ability to fix it on her own or something.

Blah, look at me there rambling. Meanwhile, I could think of how adorable that kiss was between Tosh and Mary in the pub.

Or I can say how awesomely trashy Mary's makeup was and her fabulously awful clothes. And didn't she wear tons of outfits in purple and then her true form was purple-tinged? Heh.

Tosh looked like she thought Mary's alien self was hot. That was pretty funny.

Ianto's angsty thoughts probably weren't intended to be hilarious, but I giggled all the same. I rolled my eyes at Gwen's inner thoughts, I felt she came off as an asshole. Owen IS an asshole, so I wasn't surprised by his.

Jack's able to shield thoughts? Hmm, looks like those speculating that Jack's got some Time Lord in him (heh, make the joke, I know you want to) may be correct. While I'm thinking about Jack, I was surprised that 51st century people are still a bit put out by folks going through sex changes. Huh. The more you learn.

The slow-mo-chop-cut that they were using reminded me of AtS blipverts. Only I LOVED the blipverts and the slow-mo-chops were kind of silly.

I think that when I go into these eps with low expectations, I can enjoy them.

In fact, this is the first episode that I actually want to watch again. I haven't rewatched any of the others.

Jack was more Jack-ish than he's been in a long time, although the writers really need to stop writing Captain Angst. John Barrowman can't carry it off and Jack is so much more engaging when he's got that Puckish element going on. Having no idea what a proper boss does to punish his employees was cute.

And his geeking out over alien tech? Now that's my very favorite color on Jack.
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