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"Doctor Reid, this is not 'Bring Your Problems To Work Day.' This is just Work Day."

I've fallen in love with The Office. Yes, I'm so totally uncool. I always get into things waaaaay late. Shut up.

I'd ask for fic recs, but I think er, my favoritest character is Michael and I doubt there are many fics out there that feature him. Heh. Although gen would be nice. No fluffy Jim/Pam. I mean, I do like what they're doing with their relationship on the show, but I don't think I'm shipping them? God, I'm weird lately. and I like Karen

HOWEVER, I must rec krabapple's Doctor Who/The Office crossover Plain White or Three Hole Punched. Rating is G and there is a nice bit of Doctor/Rose (excellent friendship vibes) and adorable Jim/Pam stuff. I love krabapple's Doctor voice like whoa.

Summary: Summary: Dunder Mifflin hires a new consultant and his assistant.


"He always says, 'That's what she said.'" Rose tells the cameramen and the interviewer in her next confessional. "I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Is it an American thing?"


"Let me tell you, this early twenty-first century stuff is fascinating. Like those adding machines. Precursors to the intraflight navigational system. Fantastic," the Doctor says.

"Paper company. I love working for this company. Except, you know, you people really should stop using trees for paper. They're on their way to being sentient. Though I suppose you don't really work out the synthetic chemical paper compound for another eighty five years or so. Still. It's such a waste. But you'll get there." The Doctor pauses.

"Paper. Fascinating," the Doctor repeats.


That is just supremely awesome. Go and read and love.

As I am being driven sllllllowly insane at work with doing not only the company holiday card list BUT ALSO my boss's personal holiday cards, about oh, 400+ cards. (And this doesn't include holiday gifts to clients/important business contacts and preparation for the office holiday party), I'm going to call today as Last Call for...

Holiday Cards From Me!

That's what she said.

Please fill 'em out if you haven't, and oh, I'd love to get a card from you, so please give me a link to your poll/post about cards if I haven't responded. :-) It shall make me quite giddy and I won't suffer a mental break dealing with all the procrastination at work.

You know, I've had the holiday card list of recipients prepared A MONTH ago? And it still hasn't been finalized? Such sweet holiday madness.
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