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Dexter: Seeing Red


Well. Holy shit.

If Angel had been killed off/taken by the Ice Truck Killer, I would have CRIED A LOT, okay? Because I love Angel and I love how he's not handling his divorce well at all and that he rambles about Neil Diamond and fucks up one chance at a nice date because he sees the former hooker with the painted nails.

DAMMIT, Angel you nearly got yourself killed TWICE. Do not do that to me! And I hope he won't give up on his theory. And that he TELLS Dexter. Jesus. Maybe the one little thing that irked me. Angel always shares info with Dexter.

Christ, that scene. I think it was obvious where all that blood came from, considering two eps ago, the shot of the ITK's walk-in had those huge containers of blood. So fucked up that it was made for Dexter and when he fell INTO the blood. Fuck, Michael C. Hall was brilliant there.

The flashbacks really were disturbing, what with Dexter's mother trying to comfort him WHILE SHE'S BEING HACKED TO PIECES. Christ. No wonder Harry was concerned that Dexter might be effed up due to what happened to him. And there were two men there in the flashback? Eeek.

I would ramble on about a neat little thing: mothers protecting their kids from real horror and Rita's story. She doesn't actually explain to her kids why they left that night and they still don't know why she's freaked about Paul. And Dexter's mom trying to get Dexter out of the nightmare in front of them by asking him to close his eyes and telling him how much she loves him. But it's still a nightmare happening it doesn't disappear no matter how many times you close your eyes or how many stories you invent about it just being a gas leak.

Small things spiralling into messier, fucked up things.

[sidenote: her son is a bit of a bitch for always saying "my dad" when asking for Paul, like kid, your MOTHER doesn't know that's your dad?]

I could NOT believe that Dexter knocked out Paul. I mean, yeah, Paul deserved a hell of a lot more and I believe the moment Paul got more custody of his kids, he would be skipping out of state because he's a fucking bastard. So terrified though that Dexter would off Paul.

The Dexter/Rita relationship is truly, truly messed up. Everything on this show is. But it is weirdly funny that Dexter does have feelings for Rita. And yet their relationship is probably one of the MOST NORMAL ones on the show.

So I don't mention Deb/Rudy here because I am squicked out every time Rudy is onscreen being a creepy, creepy murdering psycho.

The next two episodes...I may need to be medicated or something. HOLY CRAP was my reaction to the previews.

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