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in which there are more heroes...ZOMG

Ah, Eden is the hero that died. Okay.

Sylar is seriously the creepy Clark Kent. And he can manipulate his DNA or is he eating brainssss?

But, wait, I am attempting to write something worthwhile? Fuck that noise.

Here is the real noise:

T. REX! HIRO READS BRADURY! Don't step on the insect, kill 'em all and then you'll live a world that rains donuts EVERY DAY!

Hiro is going to get that sword and be awesome!

Ando's face at Isaac (Meester I-SAAC!, hee) painting with his power: :-O

Peter is sick? WTF? ZOMG, he's going to get Radiation Man's power and freak out on it, doesn't he?

And Nathan tries to fly him out of there but he's not fast enough, hence big explosion.


But Hiro remembers Peter with a scar and Peter in the NY dream/vision didn't have a scar did he? HMMMM.

Poor, poor Zach. Poor Claire. Losing a real friend. Her mother must be so cracked thanks to the memory wipes.

But what the hell is going on with Peter?

AND THE HAITIAN CAN TALK? And he doesn't have a name? Just a nationality?



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