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SPN: Croatoan

My angst button is broken.

I posted on luna_k's journal how I want happy, happy things to happen to Sam and Dean because I cannot take any more of this.

By that, I mean, I welcome more of the pain and the angst and the pain pain pain.

Man!pain. It's totally in this season.

This ep felt very much like Scarecrow last year, even the resolution of the last scene. Which is why the moment Awesome Marine Guy Who Shouldn't Have Died Dammit and Duane-the-Meg in the car hurt lik a mofo.

The second he said he had to make a call, I knew he was another Meg. Fuck.

I pray that Sam isn't part demon. If Sam's weird reason for being able to not get infected with Rage the demonic virus is that it's because he's already part demon or some shit, I will NOT be pleased.

Dean's arc of suicidal doom is hurting me a lot. Oh, Dean. Well, maybe the second half of S2 will involve a slow slog to a plateau of just being slightly emo angsty. He's just...he laid it all out in that room with Sam. Sam goes, Dean follows. Shit. It's not healthy, but it's fascinating.

Jensen Ackles knocked that out of the park.

Teh SEKRIT ZOMG is of course the cliffhanger. Eh. I honestly am in Zen Mode when it come to that damn sekrit. I don't freak out over WHAT IT WILL BE, OMG!

Funny Things that are canon:

Dean/OFC/Sam is canon - Dean brought it up and apparently does not see an issue with having sex with some chick and his brother. ...Okay!

Dean has totally been hit on by "handsome devils" before. Hee.

The boys enjoy making Molotov cocktails. Randomly, I need to read gen fic where Dean and Sam work as bartenders.

Even the little bits that were a bit off, like, as mentioned above, the Scarecrow-esque pat resolution of the main monster plot, were covered by the IMPALA KICKING ASS, Sam and Dean having a fucked up REAL conversation that HURT, and did I mention Dean looks hot when handling weapons? Guh.
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