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Christ on a toasty, crunchy cracker people, has fandom gone insane? Kefluffles (kefuffles, kerfunkles, ker to 2nd degree of insanity) breaking out all over the place.

Now, as a person on the outside of fandom (--->me at the very end of the horizon, waving something shiny and pretty), it's rather...overwhelming. It seems that some folks are losing their damn minds.

"Why yes...I will sell fanfic, for no, that ain't illegal at all...and I'll sell it on e-bay and you know what? It just shows what a marvelous writer I am and...."

No. Dude. No. Fanfic for me is partly a hobby and partly an experiment. I would love to someday be paid to write, but for now, I write fanfic to flesh out my writing skills (cuz I gots mad skillz, yo) and because it's rather enjoyable. I've always had an overactive imagination.

However I've never had any desire to show off my fanfic to the peeps in charge. That would be the celebrities who play the characters that I'm toying with in my fics or the people responsible for writing, producing, and developing these characters.

I'm not about to walk up to David Kemper and go, "Yo man, I wrote some J/A porn! And I know a lot of other writers who write some, do you mind if I just give you some printed copies of it?"

And do you know why? Because there is a division between RL and fandom life. There is a division in a practice that is done for your own and your peers/friends' enjoyment and a professional’s job, be they writer, actor, or producer.

I'm not explaining myself well, I've never really had that much of an opinion. But can I just set down some personal guidelines that have successfully kept my ass from setting the fandom world aflame?

No? Well I'm going to do it anyways.

1. If I do choose to write and read fanfic, of any genre or nature, and I am given the opportunity to meet the people who are the forces behind the fandom I enjoy so thoroughly, I will not parade my possibly illegally and *not* *for* *profit* involvements in the faces of said people.

2. I have different opinions from other people. No really, it's true! I don't read, write, or have any interest in RPS. I am going to run around declaring it to be the work of TEH DEVIL and then try to convince people that my opinion is the right one? Does everyone think Buffy/Angel are the only couple to ever desire to be together? The answer to both of those is no, cholos.

3. I'd like to be a Real Writer someday. Can I sell and advertise my fanfic so that I can make a nice profit? No, I'd better not; it's not my original idea, even if it's AU, because I'm taking it from a copyrighted source. And hey, if I'm so damn good at writing, then I should try some original stuff. And if my original stuff ain't that great, or if I don't WANT to become published, if I'm happy with just writing fanfic, then that's cool.

4. If I had the chance to meet someone I admired for his or her work? Such as an actor? Fanfic or fanvids would be the last thing on my mind. And I don't think it EVER impresses the person, it would probably just have them go, "um....whaaa???" in response.

5. Fandom should be fun. If you have to start worry about federal and copyright laws or if you have to declare your opinion to be law and for everyone else who disagrees to be considered evil and meanies? Take a deep breath, stop looking at your computer, and take a walk. And here's a helpfuly saying: "My fandom is not my life and my life is not my fandom."

I mean, fandom is important. It's exciting and it's a place to talk about your love of whatever floats your boat. It should be fun and cool and interesting. I've personally had the chance to meet people from all over. I've made some wonderful friends.

I honestly didn't mean to rant. And I should say that I love my fandoms and fandom in general, even on the days when it's bad or dissolves into silly fights over the latest hot button issue. Hell, I've got flame war scars.

I just...can't we all just use own common sense? And have some fun?

In RL news, classes start tomorrow. The kitchen is not yet finished and hopefully tomorrow the kitchen will be completed.

My uncle's going to Iraq.

I am worried about him. But I'm more worried on behalf of his wife and his kids. We're not that close, but still, it's worrying.

This is the girl, living.
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