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"I'll enter a subject." "That's what SHE said."

Okay, "Enter a subject" in the subject line is really fucking dumb. And the fact that I have to pull this to a full size window is obnoxious.

I would love more weird and amusing things in my X-Mas Stocking. And hey, what are your feelings on X-Mas vs. Christmas. Personally I prefer seeing/writing Christmas over X-Mas.

I will be DONE with holiday cards at work tomorrow. Yaye, as they said in oldene dayes.

I finally updated my kinky Doctor Who fic Perversions to whofic.com. I am curious on any feedback I get from there, if any. It's really such an...explicit story. Oddly enough most of the smutty fic I've read in Who fandom seems to be kind of vanilla-ish, but maybe that's because I tend to read, pairing-wise, Doctor/Rose or variations of the Doctor/Rose/Jack OT3? For my Who friends, do other pairings Get Their Freak On?

And this is why I love SPN a lot. When aren't SPN folk Gettig Down With Their Freak Flag Flying?

Maybe when they take a nap.
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