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Ahhh...the first day of school...

is a frellin' mess.

I need to drop and add a course. However the course that I really want to take, Milton, is completely full. And there is no other class around that time that I would consider taking. Dammit.

I just...I'm really mad at myself. I should have enrolled in the class last semester but I didn't want to because I'm taking two very difficult English courses...well, difficult for me. I'm a wiz at Shakespeare, Medieval, and Renaissance, but I'm not too good at modern literature. "Modern" being anything set during the 1800's.

And now, it looks like I have no chance of taking this class. I left a note in the prof's mailbox, asking if there was any potential for an opening, but no answer so far.

God, I feel sick now.

And I've also spent 87 bucks on only the first installment of books I need. A couple of them were just too fucking expensive ($15 plus for a paperback novel? you out your damn mind) so I didn't buy them yet and several of the books I need are out of stock or are just not there.

I only have $100 left to spend.

Breathe. This is just the first day of school. I will be okay.

And in less-interesting-but-why-can't-they-just-go-somewhere-else news, I saw someone who went to my high school, who's now going to my college. Heh, I say "mine" like I own it. If I owned it, then I'd be in the damn Milton class.

Not to sound bitchy, but I hate it when I see someone from HS. I know, it's very weird, but it then reminds me of me when I was in high school and the High School version of me? Not a happy camper.

My stomach doesn't have butterflies in it. It's far more nauseating.

Stupid school.
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