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Wow, I am surprisingly pleased! Like, it's not even lowered expectations pleased, I mean, I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Or I have fallen so completely and utterly in love with Diane that I cannot see straight. (pun intended?) Because seriously, Diane was incredibly awesome.

I would ask for a spinoff about Diane, but I fear she will become cursed with an inability to pilot planes and cannot mack on whomever she wants. And then there will a random person who we need as the POV character who walks around all "oooh, what a strange and interesting world yet it ruins my personal life!" and I will do a lot of headdesking.

Ianto was kind of really great in this episode. I sort of wish Cyberwoman never happened because it frankly is the one thing that makes his characterization suck a lot. Like, his relationship with Jack would have been a lot more solid without that damn episode hanging over him like an emo cloud of angsty doom.

Him showing the Out of Timers the market was just perfect. Yes, bananas are more interesting. Oh Ianto. Why did you suck so hard in Cyberwoman?

I <3 Diane. That is all.

Okay, not all. Jack was pretty good as well.

Poor, poor Tosh though. I want to see so much more of her
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