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Christmas tired me out. I was sadly late-ish for work today. Nngh. By about ten bloody minutes. So annoying.

Doctor Who reminded me why I love that show so very much thanks to The Runaway Bride. Thoughts to be formed when my brain is screwed on nice and tight.

My dog has been following me around. If I'm not resting in my bed, he's pattering after me as I wander about the house.

Why I am telling you that? Because it's hilarious. He stares at me with his big button eyes like I'm depriving him of sleep because I dare to get up from my bed.

Sleep is good though. External hard drives are even better. When I have some time, I need to start downloading all my big ass files over to the external baby and give my laptop a break.

Writing fic sometimes kills me and it's frustrating that I'm just too damn tired by the time I get home to write and now, I'm at a half-awake stage were I wouldn't mind writing, but I need to sleep enough so that I get up early for work.

Blah blah blah.

Something to (hopefully) amuse ya:

witchy women of the west
Pairing: Dean/OFCS

3. when she walks, she’s like a samba

Dean almost gets sucked off by a succubus in Southern Florida, only because it’s Miami and not some backwater hellhole of this freaky-ass state, he gets saved.

By the Girl from Ipanema.

Screw it, all of Florida is just weird, dude.

He doesn’t instantly know it’s the chick from that irritating (and everything that ain’t got a rocking guitar solo falls into the ‘irritating’ category) song. Not like she says, “Hey, I’m the Girl from Ipanema.”

But when she yanks back the dark hair of the (now) twisted face of the succubus before that hungry mouth clamps down on Dean’s dick, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (even one operating with a now-deflating hard-on) to recognize there’s something supernatural about her. She holds the monster up to eye level (its human-shape is a petite brunette with contact-blue eyes) because this chick is tall, especially thanks to the heels she’s wearing.

“Feed on refuse,” she suggests, shaking the monster and dropping the succubus down to the ground.

And Dean, because he doesn’t want to look like a total amateur, pumps some shots of rod iron into the belly of the succubus and watches it die.

Sucked off by a succubus. Huh. That’s the type of thing that needs some telling. Sure, he might not add that part where he almost got himself killed. With a pang, he thinks that’s the sort of thing he’d want to tell Sammy, but he hasn’t spoken to Sam in damn near two years. He ain’t gonna break the silence now just for a dirty joke.

“You nearly get yourself killed for a blowjob?” The chick shakes her head, like that’s something she always expects of men. “I am La Garota, and you?”


Now I'll try to finish out this section before I crash into sleepyland. Mah little doggie's already got a head start.
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