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what, you don't play Call of Duty in your office?

Hah, I sort of futzed around at work and wrote fic. Eeep. But I did Real Work too, cos I'd be too skeered to really mess around.

I really can't get away with saying: "Oh, I can't help you with that. I'm busy writing Dean!POV prose where he's blissed out on thoughts of naughty lesbian hijinks at a sorority."

4/5 parts are mostly done! I might actually post a completed witchy women of the west sometime this century! I do need a beta though, any takers? It's SPN, Dean POV, het and it'll be either a hard R or a NC-17. Set before and sometime during S1 of SPN. 5 Witches That Dean Totally Slept With.

*makes big Sammy puppy eyes that are hidden under the sunglasses*

And a belated holiday-esque SPN snippet from the aforementioned fic:

Well, he notices the hair and the outfit first before he gets a good look at the girl. She’s wearing an elf costume. Dean knows it’s just the first week of December and he shouldn’t be surprised by that sort of thing, but still, it’s a little like seeing a stripper at a Church. Of course, screwing a stripper in a confessional booth is another matter altogether. Man. Now that was a good time.

She looks over her shoulder at him, amused irritation showing clear in her dark brown eyes. They’re the type of eyes that clash with her hair - a dyed red working its way onto maroon or near-purple in the color spectrum. It also doesn’t work with the scarlet red of her too-cheery elf costume. When she turns around full to face him, Dean takes quick stock, not feeling like she’s the type to appreciate an overlong leer. It’s a red corset over a low-cut (but long-sleeved) forest green shirt with a matching red skirt, edged in green tinsel. Her stockings are striped candy-canes of white and red and she’s got on army boots in combat green. Well, it’s better than those weird-ass pointed shoes with the jangling bells on 'em.


Dean's gonna have sex with a chick dressed like one of Santa's elves. Hee. Mmm, it's toasty here in hell.

Oh, and I stayed a bit longer at the office than I intended because one of The Guys was playing a computer game (I KNOW!) and it involved tanks and was about WWII. You play the Russians and have to take out German tanks and whatnot. It was kinda really awesome. At one point he'd aimed the canon right at a German tank and one of the German soldiers had jumped out of the tank and got hit full on and EXPLODED in a cloud of red mist.

Everyone watching: "Whoa!"

Sometimes? I really love my job.

Ooh, and I had fish and chips at a great little seafood place in a nearby town and DUDES, they had REAL malt vinegar (imported from the UK too!) and I had it with the chips and NOW I understand why Brits are all vinegar + chips = OTP. It was fanfrellingtastic.
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