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Gaaaaah and son of Gaaaahhhh....

So the first day back was really fucking bad.

I had, *had* being the key word, a class at 2:25-3:40 on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, now I do not. Was I informed beforehand? No, I was not. The class was cancelled because the professor couldn't do the class this semester so it'll be taught next spring.

Isn't that fabulous?

Oh no wait...I need these three credits.

However...the art history department offered several options. Either we (those in the class) could take another art history course, which I cannot, or those of us who were art history majors (I'm planning on doing my second major in Art History) could do an independent study.

So after talking to one of the professors, who has had me as a student before, he's agreed to let me do an independent study. I told him how I took a Renaissance seminar for English last year which did a lot of examination of art history and the impact of art on literature and how that interested me.

He then said that if I would be interested, I could develop a research project about the relation of art and literature to one another in the 18th and 19th century. He's planning on developing a course in that subject and that any research of it would be v. interesting. (Also 18th/19th century is when the study and philosophy of art history is basically developed.)

So it looks like that won't be that too bad. However, I don't think I'm getting into that Milton class. Which sucks, but I'll deal. I do need to work on my resume tonight because I need to get a job that'll work with my now fucked-up schedule.

And torchthisnow? Your F/W is on the way. Give me a day.

Psst...my two English classes I'm taking this year? 18th century literature and The Novel in the 19th Century.

And if anyone, anyone at all, has had any fancy towards art or literature from 1650 to 1899 and loves to spread the knowledge? Call, post, e-mail, and bother me. I'm all ears. Well, not literally.
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