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happy new year to you lj, you bastard

OH MY GOD. LJ changed my old school style setting to the new one. I don't know how to FIND THINGS NOW.

*shakes fists in weak fury*

I LOVE the old style. I know how to look up what I need to do and I hate having all the stuff on top, I prefer the left side options, dammit!

While I sob into my pillow over this horrible development, I wish all y'all a happy New Year's and let us look forward to 2007.

My top ten wishes:

- The Doctor licks things.
- Dean Winchester shoots things (and angsts).
- Sam Winchester employs TEH BITCHFACE. And gets laid.
- The Yellow Eyed Demon says something snarky and does another jazz move a la In My Time of Dying.
- The Impala gets to be an integral part of killing some demonic baddies.
- The Scrubs musical! (I am in love with "Guy Love" already)
- Nathan Petrelli gets naked.
- Peter Petrelli MAKES OUT with the NEW CASTMEMBER OF JOY.
- Finally: That the Winchester Brothers do not hug (for HA, I am the only person who cares not about the huggage. Yeah, I said it.)

My Year of Fic: A 2006 Retrospectacular

I'd not-so secretly thought to myself, "it's over, you'll never be able to write fic again. There's nothing shiny to write about and you've already written everything you've already wanted to say."

HP killed a lot of my joy. There really was Nothing new. Then I fell in love with Doctor Who and things changed. For the bettter, I hope.

Doctor Who:

This was posted on May 5th, although I'd been working on it since April. My first fic of the year. After seeing New Earth (the first ep of series two - the Tenth Doctor), I announced, "okay, I need to write some porn. Easy right? Heh, I tortured my betas and myself to get this finished and was SHOCKED when it was over 10,000 words (I used to write such relatively short pieces!). The first DW fic I wrote was in Rose's POV, had an homage to a FS plot point ("the chip") and was not fluffy, but it was rather happy. It's all the sexy good Doctor/Rose stuff that was ramped up thanks to Cassandra's suggestions about Rose and the Doctor ("you've been looking") and no one died! Hmm.

Change (it happens sometimes)
A return to the slightly weird. Glimpses of the more disturbing consequences of traveling with the Doctor. And Second Person POV. I really am way too fond of that POV.

How It's Done (Fucking That Is)
A dark PWP and I just realized, my first entry in Ten's (not-so-secretly) demented mind. Doctor/Rose hotness but also Doctor/Everyone hotness because I picture Ten as so, so slutty. I think this fic was written in reaction to all the vanilla twue wuv Doctor/Rose fic that was being produced. And the wank about asexual!Doctor vs. "The Doctor only wants Rose!" Dude. He's an alien. Let us explore the kinky possibilities.

Perversions (Heretofore Unpracticed On a Most Willing Body
Written for the little_bit_foxy kinkathon. We've got the Doctor fantasizing about sex in a hall of mirrors, public sex, Doctor/Rose/TARDIS, crossdressing, pegging, a threesome with Not Jack. All done in the Doctor's voice, which I secretly think I nailed in this fic. I shouldn't be so proud of this fic, because I still think I sort of futzed with Rose's characterization to make her a willing participant in the Doctor's explorations, but still the end product is hot sex. And Ten in a corset. Getting spanked. I WIN.

Songs I've Sung (I've Missed a Few)
You are legally obligated to write one angsty Rose-after-Doomsday fic. This was my attempt. Actually that's a lie. I wrote about six pages of Rose meets John Crichton in Alt!Earth story but I am NEVER posting that, so ha ha ha. This is Rose and the memories of all of time singing in her veins and the Bad Wolf. And remembering. A double shot drabble.

Five Planets the Ninth Doctor Didn't See With These Eyes
Niiiiiiiine. Oh. It's a fine balance to walk when you write Nine. He's gorgeous, really, but I adore his story so much onscreen that I don't know where to begin when writing fic with Nine. All that needed to be said has been done in his story.

Five Times Rose Tyler Didn’t Master the Art of Mascara Application
A departure from shippy fic in the truest sense of the word, this is Rose as she grows in the awesome kickass woman she is destined to be: The Defender of Earth. It's also about her awesome use of mascara and my adoration of it. Man. I'm going to miss that mascara SO MUCH.

Five Things the Doctor Won't Lick
Oh, Ten. Bless you and your licking ways. I adore writing Ten's slightly disjointed, rambling mind.

redefining the universe
I thought I'd lost this story. I fucking love this story. On wormholes and making terrible decisions. John keeping us all safe at the cost of the universe. My love poem to John, a terrible tale where I BREAK him and his future. I finally completed it. Years in the making.

A snippet:

And they'll - John and the child - leave the beach, walk towards the field of grass and wildflowers will call to them and he'll tell his child never to pick the berries growing lush on the bushes (there will be no poison save words and he will say only enough to wound). He'll tell a true story, for once, about simple poisons and heroes brought back from potential deaths, and he will then speak of Aeryn and her icy death (screaming his name) and rebirth on a planet they will never visit, for he will never let his child fall in love with space.

It's the choices that John doesn't make that make him a hero. Written in future tense and a very explicit descriptive style but I quite purposely left the real story to its own devices, leaving hollow spaces that can never be filled up (no matter how much John tries to redefine the universe).

Crossover: Supernatural & AtS/BtVS:
(aka my crossover OTP of Doom - Faith/Dean)

Sasparilla Boots
The start of the Other Myths That Aren't True series, which will be EPIC, only when it's not. Not a love story, not an angst piece. Two hot, cocky people fucking and having a good time. Even when they're not. How they met and realized how very fun the other person is. I love that I polled my flist for the final decision on Sasparilla vs. Sarsaprilla. That's the only reason I went with the first spelling. I mean, I don't even reference the title IN the story, but I wanted that title I lot because it was the first thing that clicked. God, Dean and Faith are just so freaking awesome together.

Broken Antennae
The continuation of Other Myths That Aren't True. Snark. Tussling in a graveyard. Going to an IHOP. Sex on the Impala. How Dean and Faith start getting to an understanding about one another. I consider that I am having too much fun with these two. I really need to start torturing them.

Five Times Faith Should’ve Hitchhiked Instead (And One Time It's Better That She Didn't)
I'm kind of amazed by how much this one was received so well. I love the story, don't get me wrong, but it's kind of funny. I spent way too much time researching a place that town in New Mexico just for a throwaway line.

Five Times Dean Wished He'd Never Met Faith
Ah, here's the angsty Dean/Faith-ness. I totally fucked up on making it seem like the events in 2 lead in 1, because they shouldn't. Poor doomed Dean 'N Faith.

Kidney Punch
Part 3 of my Faith/Dean series. Christ, this took forever to finish. I'm still wallowing in how much time was spent in finishing this bastard. With all the tricks I put into it, the back-and-forth of the voicemails and the real time story (which, I thank god for SPN having those big flamey THEN, NOW & SOON title cards, they made this story a lot more coherent as I happily used that motif in the fic). Faith leaves Dean sexy voicemails shouldn't be so hard to write, but then I had to RESEARCH a place where they could meet up (and like, wrote notes on the myth surrounding the lake, which I then NEVER used), and then crackishly tied it into the fic here, not waiting to explain what Faith was doing (getting some mystical piece of something for Buffy's quest to bring back the AtS crew). And Dean and Faith do not have sex with each other in this fic. And I haven't even mentioned the part where I scrapped the first plot of the story and had to start anew. So yeah. This story. A lot of time.

Vampires Mate for Life
This is a bit of a teaser for the next part of Other Myths That Aren't True. But since that fic is written completely in Dean's POV and I will not get a chance of really getting into Faith's head, I though this little ficlet was needed. Because Faith just has to call up Buffy to tell her about how stupid the SPN vampire lore is and Buffy has to die of laughter and then poor Angel speaks to Faith about it and is all "what?" Heee.

A WIP Faith fic series that landed with a bit of a dull thud. It's really my not-so-secret backstory for Faith in the Other Myths That Aren't True. Faith/Wood, Faith/Wes, Faith/Buffy, Faith/Other. 5 of 7 parst have been posted and I really do need to get back into the groove and post part 6 (dealing with Connor and Faith). Maybe it's just too angsty and not dramatic enough. Hmmm.

Five Noises Faith Loves
A Five Things List Fic and Faith character study.

here, not waiting
I say every damn time that I'm done with Buffy/Angel. I have no new ideas, nothing new to say. Then chrisleeoctaves announces the IWRY Ficathon and I sign up. The story (summary: Wherein not-ghosts pay many visits, Buffy meets a transdimensional being, a treasure hunt of a sort is begun, a horrible metaphor is invoked, and they meet again.) surprisingly is a study of Buffy in Rome and features many different locations. And there's Buffy/Spikeness and Illyria being awesome and Buffy getting friendly with Gunn (she does owe him a beer). And refusal at Angel's attempt to angst up their relationship, bless you, Buffy. I apologize again to poor Chrislee, who had to suffer me writing this to the deadline. Still, it turned out quite nice, thanks to netweight's help. Barrington the Transdimensional Bull needs to feature in another story.

Clowns on a Plane
Silly gen ficlet and my first attempt at writing banter for the boys. Oh, boys. Clearly clowns are scarier than planes though. Written for win_non_con (it sounds dirty than it was, heh).

Don't Fear the Cowbell
Dean Winchester is the inspiration for the SNL More Cowbell sketch. And he only makes a cameo in this story. This story is majorly influenced by Neil Gaiman's short writing style. Oh, and the crack that is the SNL More Cowbell sketch.

That's a surprisingly good Year in Fic for someone who thought her fic writing days were over.
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