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new year's

I'm thinking it's time to clear house on some of my icons. So as to put up some more SPN icons. I only have one icon of Sam and Dean (from the Pilot Ep). That's just mean, considering I've grown quite fond of Sam.

Also, Dexter icons. Yessss.

Spent New Year's Eve over at raelala's, which was quite nice. Had a jello shot (my first one ever!) which didn't want to leave the cup and I had to pry out and it was REALLY strong and I had to manage to get it down. It burned. I later on made a really bad cranberry-orange-juice-vodka thing but only drank half of it for fear of getting all vomity.

I made dinner (Trader Joe's is my real BFF - fingerling potatoes, soybeans, and paninis made with rosemary ham, proscuitto, mozarella, and grilled vegtables on foccaccia bread) and then Rae and I watched The Office and some eps of Dexter. FTW. Also, you'd think the Christmas ep of The Office would get boring. Or that you wouldn't be laughing that much. You are so wrong.

We hung out, completely underdressed, as Rae's roommate had many people come over. I think I scared a Texas boy (and he was TALL and thanks to friggin' SPN, tall and Texan has sort of become a thing for me) by bringing up the Museum of Sex (um, he was asking for places to visit while he was in NYC?). Oh, and all the sex shops that Rae & Co. have dragged me to (against my will for I am an innocent flower, dammit!).

I still have not seen the world's largest buttplug. I'm almost better for not having seen that.

We later retired to Rae's bedroom to watch S1 of The Office, which I've not seen, except for the Pilot ep. I was starting to doze off because I'm a loser, but we did do the countdown with the (now even larger) group of people in the apartment. I attempted calling my jennem but my cell phone was being a jackass and when I tried calling again, it kept on fitzing out.

I totally passed out soon after because I'm TEH LAME.

My Fandom Resolutions:

- post "Witch Women of the West" aka 5 Witches Dean Has Slept With
- write "Sam writes femslash" fic o' sexy goodness (working title: Thermodynamics of Lesbian Porn)
- continue writing "Other Myths That Aren't True" - with a hopefully posting of Liquid Wood by my LJ fic anniversary
- RULE THE WORLD be modest
- complete awesome Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness story that I PROMISED MYSELF I would finish
- be awesome
- be silly
- be zen
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