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So that Milton class that I wanted ever so much? Is full. No really. There are no availible seats at all. I can only get into the class if someone drops it.

HOWEVER do you know what makes that extra-sucktastic? The prof LET me in. She signed the drop/add slip and said I could enter into the class. And several of my friends are in the class. And it's the LAST English class I need to take. My major requirements will be done. I could then focus on my second major.

God, I hate the registrar. They tell me that there are no seats...what? I was just IN the damn classroom. There were plenty of seats! ARGH!!!

And I'm still mad at myself for not scheduling the class earlier. Because it looks like the prof is excellent and that I'd really enjoy myself. So now, a recap:

I e-mailed the Professor.

She said I could stop by the class and if there was any possibility, I could be enrolled.

She tells me that I can enroll. I get her signature.

The registrar tells me no way, bucko. They'll call the English department and see if someone's dropping out or if anything can be done but I should just bend over and take it.

I am here typing.

God. Frelling. Dammit.
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