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Ye gods, my life may be somewhat sorted out now.

My Revised Class Schedule:
Art of Classical Antiquity
18th Century Literature
The English Novel in the 19th Century

Did ya see that? Milton! Blessed be the English department, for the Registrar was refusing to put me into the class.

I have a job interview tomorrow and I hope it goes well, I can't believe how cash-strapped I've become. Ya think working over the summer would equal actually having money, but no, I ended up spending that money on my credit card bills.

I don't have a fifth class, instead I'm going to be doing an independent research project. The professor wanted it to be on the nature of art and literature in the 18th and 19th centuries, so I'm currently fleshing out ideas and goals I'd like to explore over the semester. I'm thinking of doing the early 1800's and talking about the rise of the empires and the nature of the expression at that time. Also, that was when the theories of art history truly came out, so I'm certain that I'll have to explore that too.

It looks like I'm going to be pretty damn busy. I'm rather excited about it as well.

(P.S.: the Milton class, while being hard, is going to kick ass. The prof's excellent and she's really into the material.)
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