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clearly without Jennem, I am lost

Ah, this (extended) weekend was pretty damn great. Seeing jennem always makes me happy. Even if she is a big whore/bitch/jerk.

We're so bossy with one another, it's kind of hysterical, as we're both just joking around and being weird to annoy the other.

Doing a LOT of walking around NYC made me feel less guilty for being unable to go to the gym this past week. Ah, tomorrow I will do the gym thing after work and not go crazy on the treadmill. Maybe one day soon I'll try that skeery machine that jennem kept on pimping to me.

jennem totally won all my love for the rest of ETERNITY for saying how much she loved SPN's The Benders ep. She is my TV-watching soulmate, y'all, for I fucking LOVE that episode. So. Damn. Much.

Also, she loves Dean. And the Prime Directive (Protect Sammy). Although I think to really watch Hell House, you need to watch it with a Texan.

"What, you mean you don't have rolling green forests and aren't freezing all the time so you need to wear tons of layers?"

God, SPN mishandlings geography so badly it turns right around and is utterly AWESOME.

Yesterday, we seriously just marathoned QUITE A BIT of SPN, getting up to Provenance (yay, Sarah!). I'm still avoiding seeing Dead Man's Blood (aka The Fucking Vampires Episode), which is lame because I need to rewatch it in order to work on the next part of my Dean/Faith story. I suck.

Getting my jennem to the airport wasn't that bad but I totally fucked up on leaving the airpot. I panicked over which exit to take, thought I took the wrong one, circled halfway around the aiport, completely freaked out.

I had to call my mom, dudes, in my panic-mode, because, look, I have this thing. I don't handle being "lost" at ALL. I used to have panic attacks as a kid if my mom's car ever broke down (and her car broke down quite a bit because of a stupid valve that always broke). Finally I saw off to the left of the road was a little commerical block of buildings, aka People Who Could Help Me In Getting the Fuck Out of Queens.

Guess what business I walked into.

Go on.

I'll wait here.

A porn video store. Hey, it was open 24 hours and there were guys inside. But imagine me, a 5'11" redhead stomping in, trying to play it cool even though my inner monologue is screaming "YOU WILL DIE HERE AND BE MOURNED BE NO ONE!"

I got some directions, not only to which expressway I need to get myself back on, but also to a gas station, because my fucking car, which I thought had enough gas, totally did not and was dancing on E.

I thanked the porn-loving men and walked out.

So. My first time ever in a porn video store. Jesus, blonde big-tittied pornstars are still all the rage, huh?

I couldn't see exactly where the gas station was and had to get confirmation at a local McDonald's as I was driving down the road, but I spotted it soon after and with my car filled up on my last $10 (because of course the card/ATM part at the gas pump was broken), I found out where I needed to go home.

Yeah, so this all means is that clearly without Jennem, I am lost.

Or you know, that I am a spazz when it comes to exiting out of J.F.K. The F is for Fucking.

Today, I tried to be good and finish work on a fic that is KILLING me. Even though no one will read it because no one likes my fic writing ever and I suck so much. I can't write porn today. OF COURSE THAT IS THE SECTION THAT NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN.

No, I will not get bogged down in being an angsty whore. Instead, I will chuckle at my adventures in travelling to the aiport, hope that my jennem comes back to NYC (and I totally need to go back to Texas), and perhaps watch some TV because TV is good for the soul.
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