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happy birthday, lj

I bring you no fic, on my lj-anniversary.

Sad but true.

I wish for things. Such as:

The brilliant vidder who makes a touching, inappropiate Sam/Dean vid to Guy Love.

Reason to return to me, so that I don't write this cliché is not overcompensating. A wincest story. Told out of sequence. Um. SOMEONE TELL ME NO.

A reminder on Friday to meta about the issue of ghosts/spirt mythology on Supernatural.

Tess The Reaper informing Dean he will become an angry spirit if he sticks around after his body dies.

Here, the ending leaves us with the possibly disturbing closure of the two ghosts girls together forever...only what happens when the house is demolished? Remember Demonic Racist Ghost Truck? House-knocking makes ghosts angry.

Also, how exactly does ghost!Rose transform into a little girl? Hoodoo handwave of a wizard did it? All SPN ghosts so far seem to be frozen in the shape of their death.

Meanwhile, I was sort of rooting for Dean to become a ghost, only a good one, and help out Dad & Sam being an awesome ghostly kickass warrior of supernatural things that can't be beaten by mortal people. Dean protecting his family, even when he's gone.

I'm all kinds of jacked up but I need to think these things out. Maybe then I won't be scribbling down totally wrong Wincest-y lines at work tomorrow.
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