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in which there are heroes and squeeeeee

At about 8:35PM, after stepping out of the shower, I was making a loud EEEEEEEEEEEE! noise until the start of Heroes

Because, Invisible Doctor!



Seriously, I was all glowing with my love of Hiro. BESTEST HERO EVER. But my heart was singing for CE. And oh. Only a few flashes and his awesome laugh, which is creepy and unsettling and BEAUTIFUL.

I demand more. I demand painful scenes or CRAZY scenes or ANYTHING with him because he's the Invisible Man.


Nathan is delicious 10X times more when scruffy.

"You flying man! WHOOSH!"
"Keep it down!"

-> I am dead.

Claire was utterly lovely in this episode. Really wonderful performance and her trying to bring back her friend. "As far as you know, that was attempt one." An actual good way of wrapping up that annoying "why the hell did she TAPE that?" from the first episode.

Things are moving into place. Eeeeeexcellent.

Invisible!Doctor FTW!
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