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in which the heroes are fantastic

Christopher Eccelston said, "Fantastic."

That's it. My four word review. I don't care that this was a Niki heavy episode. I don't care that Mohinder wore the gayest scarf ever. I don't care how Matt's Wife cannot keep her Aussie accent in check.


Invisible Doctor wins everything. He may just wind up winning himself some Winchester boys, that's how awesome he is. Even when he's stealing a scene straight out of The Producers with his pidgeon lovin' ways (and I FINALLY saw the original nonmusical version of The Producers - it is SO much better that the horrible musical movie version).

George Takei is Hiro's daddy! We now know why Hiro is the most awesome geek ever. Also, thanks to The Daily Show, I always hear George Takei saying in his grave voice, "Young. Wet. Bitches," and I just crack up.

They translated Hiro's gulp. Heeeeeeeee.

Okay, HRG's minion evil!scientist sucked. Dude, you know this guy can tinker with his brain like a watchmaker. Did you ever consider that he'd attempt to temporarily reset the damn thing? Dumbass.

The trio of Niki-D.L.-Micah are the makings of one badass crime family, y'all. D.L. really needs to set his son straight. Or they could become awesome criminals. Either way.

ZOMG, Gina is a pyro! That makes so much sense. Although she's going by "Meredith" these days. Hmmm. But still, firestarter! So very cool.

Bets for the Daddy: Nathan (because he's a playah) or Linderman. I'd like it to be Nathan because it would be funny, although that kill that awesome sparkage I saw between Peter and Claire.

Oh wait, it totally doesn't, because once AGAIN, Nathan and Peter set up to the plate in the "Slashiest Brothers" Incest Award (formerly reigning champions Dean and Sam Winchester really have to hug or something to ensure a victory this year).

If D.L. needs to make an honest living, I wouldn't mind seeing him become a stripper. Heh.

Invisible!Doctor deciding to help Peter out at the end really was awesome. And he's just so awesomely evasive. "You'll help me?" I!Doc: "...what the hell sort of beer is this? What? Oh, er, yeah, come with me!"

Hmm, I!Doc. i!Doc. iDoc.

That's it. He's the iDoc.


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