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My Super Important Fic Query

Hello, I am sick today and at home, dying of boredom.

I want to write, but I have too many options. Oh help me, flist, you are my only hope.

Poll #917051 The Really Super Awesome Important Poll

Which Supernatural fic should I finish writing and post today?

Bad dirty wrong drunken!Wincest set during "Playthings." Angsty, bleak, and did I mention the incest?
Awesome Brothers Winchester life on the road "slice of life" ficlet all about the in-between moments. And Dean getting lost and Sam finding that hilarious. Includes Dean pondering on the origins of the word cobbler.
Sam/OFC het set during his first year of college. Sam dates a former ballerina. Includes dirty talk. QUITE a bit of dirty talk.
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