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SPN: Houses of the Holy


*breaks it down awesome-style*

this is the new Catholic mix.

*flourish and bow*

Dean, you are so a fucking lapsed Catholic. I'm sure the Winchester boys are really Protestant...something, because hello Midwesterners-in-Texan-Boots.

But seriously? God's will being a honking pipe driven into a baddie's body?


So what are the relationship of angels in the other Christian faiths? Heh, I feel like passing around a note: "does your faith believe in angels? check [y] or [n]."

Should I be horrified or should I be happy that my religious beliefs fall in line with Dean's? Yes, I know he's fictional. Still.

One day, I'm going to write my mega comparison of Dean Winchester and John Crichton. Of fricking course Mary Winchester believed in angels and Had the Faith. John Crichton's mother was the Believer too.

You don't have an Awesome Offspring without that dichotomy of Believer and Cold Hard Realist.

And the Believer always dies. Hey Dean, at least you haven't had someone use the memory/image of your mother in order to break your mind. Uh, you've got that going for you.

Sam, oh, Sam. Honey. Be wary sweetheart, the faith in salvation being some sort of epic scorecard with a potential for getting bonus points in your favor, that leads a to a dark path.
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