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Supernatural: Born Under a Bad Sign

I replied to ignipes post about this, but I have to post it here, just so you can see my joy and flail:

I loved how Evil Sam (Demon!Meg!Sam?) clearly was irritated at playing Sam's sincerity. Jared really fucking rocked that shit hardcore. And the switch from mocking Jo ("My daddy shot your daddy in the heeeeeaaaad") to going to Angsty!Woe!Sammy mode to beg Dean to stop him from doing this eeeevil was fucking scary as all hell.

Which means uh, that I needed a moment.


"My daddy shot your daddy in the heeeeeaaaaad." God. Hells yeah.

Okay, and did y'all NOTICE that John hunting with Bill was at the Devil's Gate - the very same event that was referenced in the very first episode of Supernatural? The one the Boys cited as their Dad taking off and them not being able to find him.

Well, John was busy during his walkabouts then.

Busy making future angst for his boys.


Jo's a bit better realized here, but while I applaud her knowing that Dean wouldn't call her, sweetheart, he's going off to stop his possessed brother. I think Miss Manners says it's okay for you to call him. Maybe ask him if he's still alive and stuff. Unless you're a Rules sort of girl.


Evil Sam, while hot, is a crap shot. I guess he did want Dean to suffer some more (and please, John and Sam have totally won the 'How to Break Dean' contest with their "YOU MUST KILL YOUR BROTHER" promises).


Bobby is the greatest hunter ever. I don't care if that statemet is false. Dude laces his beer with holy water. Fucking pwned.


You know if Sam ever does really go evil, the entire universe is fucked because Dean won't pull the trigger.

And that's okay.


Shit, I didn't mean to say that out loud.


In Mytharc stuff, Evil Sammy (aka Meguel) is one of the Ceiling Demon's offspring, as stated in the S1 finale. So...she's openly defying her father, huh? Since she's going all "fuck the plans!" and may have tried to off Sam. Who's supposedly Very Important in the Ceiling Demon's eeeeevil plan to have Emo Haired Men and Womenfolk use their psychic powers to do something evllish.


I want to send the main actors of this fine, fine episode a batch of cookies. And I'll tuck in an extra pie for the actor who plays Bobby (and the lately lamented Ellsworth of Deadwood).


Supernatural: This is what joy tastes like.
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