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wherein I wear my "No. 1 Threat to America: Bears" shirt

Not being sick = so awesome.

It's really, really wonderful. I'm still not all back to myself, but I can EAT things without choking and that is always a step in the right direction.

I'm very much annoyed that it is going to frickin' snow in time for my birthday. There are good things about having your birthday on February 16th. One of them is that it isn't Valentine's Day or the day right after Valentine's day, so I usually get over my "woe I am still single!" bitchery by the time my birthday rolls around. What sucks is that I don't really get to celebrate ON my birthday, because I've got work. I'll go out to dinner with my family on Friday. Meh.

But the next day, I get to see Evil Dead: The Musical. And get drunk. It shall be almost as awesome as going to Boston last year. (because Evil Dead do not quite trump hangin' in Boston with jennem and nariya). Heh. I may be lying so that jennem doesn't hit me.


I still can't believe I posted a fic last night where I put Sam in a hot nurse uniform, had Mary hit on Dean while she was wearing lingere, and had John running around in red pumps. See what too many good shows do to me? My mind breaks.

I'm still trying to figure out how to write my "Dean in an enchanted kimono that makes him dance" fic. That is entirely Jensen Ackles's fault. How dare he appear in Blonde and randomly dance around in a woman's kimono for no apparent reason! Now my goal is to someday write a hilarious fic where Dean gets cursed, dancing in a kimono, utterly horrified that he might...kind of...like it.


If Heroes doesn't kill me dead tonight, I'm so going to watch Won't Get Fooled Again. If only for Claudia Black's tongue thing. And Harvey! I love Harvey so much, it makes me teeth ache. In joy. Or something.

Ooh, and I wants to write a Claude drabble because Invisible!Doctor is still for the win!

In conclusion, I am crazy. Yeah.

But crazy like a fox.
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