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in which there are heroes...possibly running

A bit of a slower episode.

I like to think that Peter is still knocked out and Claude has dragged him back up to his Pigeon Nest of Hating Everyone. Occasionally Claude pokes him with a stick.

Dude, that poor Zane guy could Alex Mack stuff! And oh noes, Sylar can now Alex Mack all over the place. Why does no one listen to their "ZOMG CREEPY!" warning around Sylar? Mohinder, you're clearly freaked out by him, do ya think maybe that's a freakin' sign?

Also, it cracked me up that neither Mohinder or poor dead Zane could tell that Sylar CLEARLY isn't the person he was claiming to be. I mean, Zane, Sylar doesn't have an accent at all. Take the hint.

Claire's life kind of royally sucks, huh? I mean, Meredith cut down her bribe money to her daughter and LIED to both Claire and Nathan about whether the other one wanted to meet.

God, Adrian Pasdar is so, so pretty. There was one shot where his lashes were just beautiful. Mmm. And yeah, he's a dick, but that seems to be thanks to Mommy Dearest and I'm sure he's got Daddy Issues. Every character gets a shiny bag full of Daddy Issues.

Nathan's really gonna suck on it when he realizes he nearly let his daughter get killed back during that whole "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" hubbub.

Mmm. I will be ROLLING around in that delicious angst.

Jessica is approximately 10 billion times more interesting than Niki. Yes, she's creepy and unhinged. But oh, there's no wangst and that's awesome.

Matt was not boring, but he was kind of stupid. Dude, you don't think they'll trace the diamonds to you? Did you leave that suitcase in plain sight? The one with your fingerprints all over it? WTF?

It was cool seeing Missi Pyle but I seriously want Hiro playing off the rest of the heroes. Okay, I actually want Hiro and Nathan to take their show on the road. But Hiro, you are adorable, but you are not badass. Don't confront the shady woman who is twice your size. And man, how tall is Missi Pyle?

Poor Mrs. Bennett. As much as I love the Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation, his "gift" kind of royally sucks. Man, how many times was Mrs. Bennett mindwiped for her to be completely cracked?

While I wrote all this up, Claude just drew a moustache on Peter's face.
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