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now containing 100% more giant hugs

Yay, the SPN Director Cuts are up at the CW website. Two of 'em!


Let me say it again, in case you didn't hear me. BOBBY.

Bobby rules the universe a lot, okay?

Okay, Jared Padalecki must've had a hell of a time filming Super Captain Empathy. God, that was hysterical. And Dean just being, "...you're so like that!" and Sam all "BITCHFACE!!!"

I was also ultra-stoked that I nailed a bit of Dean dialogue in an earlier fic (Kidney Punch), as Dean almost says the exact. same. thing. I had him thinking. Awesome.

Sam acknowledges your pain. And will hug you. Against your will. And you will be HUG-EATEN for he is ginormous. ALL SHALL BE HUGGED BY GIGANTOR!!!

Dean getting so upset about his car. Glorious. "You'll damage the rims!" And taking Sam's money as reparations! That's such a sibling thing to do.

But OMG. That fight. Let's just try to take away all the super slashy tones and the fact that Sam wound up side-topping Dean.

I'll give you a few minutes to snap out of that daze.

Naw man, that was a totally girlie bitchfight. And it was awesome. Because when you're just at pissy with your sibling, you do bitchfight. Not enough to hurt. And Dean does exactly what the elder does by not being the agressor even if you're the elder sibling and totally started it.

Um. I have two younger sisters. So yeah. I laughed a lot.

This ep looks like our Season Two Hell House and I cannot wait.
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