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valentine's day and a poll

Oh my goodness, romanyg, you are an absolute dear. Thank you so much for the virtual gifts! I was honestly shocked and so very, very pleased!

I used to pronounce Valentine's Day valentime's day because my NY accent and tendency to fast-talk when excited causes me to soften some nouns while completely dropping others.

Why am I telling you this? Because this time, I'm actually have a not-so-crappy Valentine's Day. Only had to deliver two bouqets of flowers to fellow coworkers today, perhaps the snow waylaid other planned flower deliveries? Whatever, it does a single girl good. No bitterness for me, which is surprising.

It's always weird signing for flowers for other people.

HOWEVER, my flist has been QUITE AWESOME and that has cheered me up. Even in the wake of the horrors of driving on icy, icy roads, the shock at realizing that I wore my cranberry red top at work (TOTALLY unintentional), and my regret at fangirling about Devil in the White City.

Short story boring: one of my coworkers is interested in reading it and I got all squeetastic and may have been a little too descriptive in discussing H. H. Holmes's serial killings during the Chicago World's Fair. Lot of fast talking and being a bit too animated about how he used to gas his victims.

This is almost as bad as geeking out over Farscape to another coworker, where I attempted to deliver a Scorpius line of dialogue in Wayne Pygram's distinctive diction. (He plays against punctuation, if you don't know. Ben Browder revealed that during one of the Farscape commentaries.)

You know what? I really should just stick to commenting on the weather to my coworkers. I'm slowly starting to paint a disturbing picture to them.

Note to self: be normal.

Heh. That ain't likely. Oh well.

Instead, I offer a poll:

Poll #927570 A Very Important Heroic Poll

Should I post a Heroes Fic about Claude Rains?

Only if you make fun of Peter in it
Only if you reveal Claude reads The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Hells yeah. Invisible!Doctor for the Win!
Only if it's invisible, 'cause I ain't reading it

Ticky Boxes

Are the offspring of Invisible!Doctor
Can FLY!
Are the secret lovechildren of Nathan Petrelli
Are radioactive. Do not transport to New York
taste of elderberries
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