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Tall Tales - A tale of a Giant Hugging Machine and his Bowlegged Horndog Brother

That was my early birthday present, huh?

Well I accept. So long as I can marry Bobby. Oh crap. I didn't mean to say that out loud. But BOBBY. FOR THE WIN.

This was a great fun episode.

Things I LOVED:

- Dean's "seduction" of the graduate (who Dean pictures in all black to show how SMRT she is and with big, big boobs because Dean likes boobies). You can't look classy slamming down shots. Especially ones called Purple Nurples.

(I must note that Dean is really, really fucking good looking and sometimes it is looking at the sun. So. Heh. Well played, Supernatural.)

- Everything Jared Padalecki did. EVERYTHING. From rolling his eyes at the frat boy's tale of alien probing (and dancing, hee) to instantly turning on the Puppy Eyes the second the frat boy looked back in Sam's direction. "Blah blah! Blah blah blah!" His turn as Dean's jealous gay lover. Brilliant. His EXTEREME Captain Empathy rountine. You're too precious for this world!

- That Jensen Ackles finally broke character. I never thought I'd see the day. But he TOTALLY broke during Sam's version of "Dean is a pig and stuff food in his mouth!" part of the story. He cracks up when delivering his line. Oh Jensen. That break was very understandable. How in the hell did he keep from choking?

- Bobby: "You guys are breaking my heart."

- Dean's Impala love. "Reparations for emotional trauma."

- My sister Cuppy. Yes, she's not in the show. But she, at 11, is a fangirl-in-training, and exclaimed at the Boys' tussle, "they're sissy fighting!" Yes. Yes they are.

- Sam's little brotherly bitchery. Glorious. Everytime he said "Dean!" in that high-pitched you are so annoying! voice, I lost it.

- Barry White.

- "Lady in Red." SLOWING DANCING. OH MY GOD. I was dying.

Things That Made This the Best Pre-Birthday Episode Ever and A:tS's Smile Time aired the day before my birthday:

- LOKI!!!! ANANSI!!!! American Gods shoutout & American Gods crossovers are CANON. FUCKING EXCELLENT. I don't know where to start. Oh, how's about the fact that the Trickster wasn't killed by the stake through the heart, which is even more awesome because gods (and demi-gods) are pretty damn hard to kill.

If I hosted a Supernatural/American Gods crossover ficathon, would people write for it? Because yeah. Um. I really, really want to do that.
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