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in which there are heroes..painting pretty pictures

"Well...that was unexpected."

That line always showed up in Strictly Ballroom, which I watched today, mostly because I will always <3 the dance smackdown issued by one awesome flamenco dancer. That is how you PWN someone via dance, y'all.

Now, onto Heroes.


Dumb hot doctor or hot dumb doctor? You decide. At the very least, he is completely socially retarded. How do you NOT have a spidey sense that "Zane" (Sylar) is bugshit CREEPY?

Mohinder, the reason why you and your daddy had a falling out is because he thinks you're a stupid jackass, the type that believes that humans use only 10 percent of their brain.


Ah ha, I was not Jossed (or rather, Kringed) in this episode. Also, Claude needs to come back if only to continue to beat up Peter. Or any superhero. Really, he is the best heroic mentor ever. I mean, most mentors? Would be all, "No, I'm going to stay with you, even though I've been found and am I likely to die!"

He's like, "See ya!" and BOUNCES. Awesome.

And his misanthropy apparently has been rubbing off on Peter. Peter, who hoped to gain some sexy back with a good old dash of eeeeevil and while Sam Winchester sort of perfected this in Born Under a Bad Sign, Peter strayed more to the Anakin Skywalker side of things.

At least he didn't shout out NOOOOOOOOOO during Simone's death. Yet.

Let me go back to Claude again. Claude teaches young heroes to FLY by throwing them off building and whacking them with giant sticks.

He seriously is the best teacher ever.

Nathan's cold hard earth logic was seriously needed during Simone's flounce into the office. Because seriously, you can't go around telling people you have magical powers, especially if you don't have all the information on it. Especially since some of 'em do eeeevil things with it and now's ALWAYS the time where supers get shipped off to god-knows-where to be studied.

In relation to that, I was kind of "oh shit" about Mohinder's stupid reveal that he might be able to "reverse" the powers. That's going to lead to some troubles and conflicts down the road.

Isaac really was stupid. Don't fire your gun at the angry invisible guy who just displayed an ARRAY of fucking superpowers. Toss a paint can in the direction of the voice and if you see a shape, shoot that. Ass.

At the same time, I'm kind of okay with Simone biting it, mostly 'cause I was afraid HRH was gonna bite the dust. And Mr. Bennett's got a lot of story still in him, meanwhile, I can't take love triangles EVER, thanks to many crappy "teen" shows.

God, I love how pissed Peter was that Claude dumped him. And he gets back at Isaac, who not only took his girl, but also took his abusive, but very awesome, boyfriend. You go, Peter.

Claire really is growing up and it's wonderful to see. I am not all a-jittery about the Mexican standoff with Radioactive Ted, Hana, and Matt. Also, Matt kind of won the "best line of the night" award with his exasperated comment "Ted, YOUR BODY IS RADIOACTIVE!" after Ted tried to explain the isotopes lodged in their markings.

I missed the credits roll as I had to move my car, so Stan Lee showing up to whisk Hiro away back to his destiny of Finding the Damn Sword was a pleasant and nerdtastic surprise. Stan Effin' Lee, y'all. And he got lines as well!

My wish for next week's ep: Please do not be killing Mr. Bennett. If only because that actor gives the best commentary of all the cast & crew so far.

I mean, we have "The Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation" thanks to him.
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