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The Office - Cocktails

Question: Why is The Office so awesome?

Answer; Because Michael is awesome in his socially retarded way. And Jan said "that's what she said." OH MY GOD. Perfect

Dwight is such a freak. Rocking in that chair in the son's room? Apparently attacking the chimney with a chair? Oh Dwight. You freaky, freaky freak.

I also love that Karen totally tricked Jim. That was kind of excellent. I was worried that they'd use that as the "reason" why Jim/Pam is the OTP and Karen is an evil WHORE. I like Karen. She's going to get her heart broken, but I do enjoy her oh-so much.

And apparently Andy is coming back ("in anger management"). I hope he sings. I love Ed Helms singing.

One day, when I have completely become as cracked out as I can ever be, I'm going to write the Epic Love Song of Toby/Michael, "I Love So Much The Way...You Choose to Be" because they're just so bad at relationships and Michael was really cute with Toby's daughter in that season two episode.

Okay, I'm a bit of a freak.
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